Spring 2014 SDEA Election Campaign

********* DOWNLOAD: Spring 2014 SDEA Board Flier *********

The L.A. Teachers Union is demanding a 17.6% raise starting this year.  In SDUSD, the School Police Union, the Classified Union and Cindy Marten all got a 7% raise in the past year.  And the Principals Union got a 5% raise this year.  What did our union get? SDEA got 2%.

It’s time for stronger leadership. We will:

  • Bargain to WIN.  We will fight for a substantial raise on top of our delayed salary restorations.  We will keep fully paid family healthcare off the table.  We will unite our union behind all of our members’ priorities.
  • Keep SDEA transparent.  We should all know when and how important union decisions are made.  We support more member training and communication, plus full reports on any conversations with the district.
  • Increase union democracy.  We will involve our members in every step of the bargaining process. We will listen to you.  We will come to you before making big decisions that impact all 7,000 of us.  Period.

Meet Our Candidates:

SDEA Board of Directors

  • Shane Parmely — SDEA President
  • Michelle Sanchez — Vice President
  • Peter Burrell — Treasurer
  • Pat Thomas — Secretary
  • Gloria Barrios-Andrade — SDEA Board Seat 2, At Large — Crawford, Hoover, Morse
  • Daniel Pugh — SDEA Board Seat 3, Elementary — Crawford, Hoover, Morse
  • Nancy Dosick — SDEA Board Seat 4, Elementary — Lincoln, Mission Bay, San Diego
  • Matthew Schneck — SDEA Board Seat 5, Secondary — Lincoln, Mission Bay, San Diego
  • Kim Oliver – SDEA Board Seat 6, At Large — Lincoln, Mission Bay, San Diego
  • Tim Halley — SDEA Board Seat 9, At Large — Clairemont, Henry, Kearny, Point Loma
  • Steven Insko — SDEA Board Seat 12, Elementary — La Jolla, Madison, Mira Mesa, Scripps, Serra, UC

CTA State Council Delegates

  • Rosemary Pang — Seat 8
  • Matthew Schneck — Seat 9
  • Gloria Barrios-Andrade — Seat 10
  • Norma Reyes — Seat 11
  • Peter Oskin — Seat 16

We will unite SDEA behind a campaign to WIN!

Vote April 4-17 online or at the SDEA office.

********* DOWNLOAD: Spring 2014 SDEA Board Flier *********

How Can YOU Help?

  • Pass out flyers before school at mailboxes.
  • Leave stacks of flyers near mailboxes and in other prominent places at school.
  • Talk to colleagues one-on-one.
  • Send an email to colleagues via PERSONAL email.
  • Stand up at the end of a staff meeting, union meeting or SDEA Bargaining Input Session to ask people to vote for the slate. YES, this is allowed. YES, you can pass out flyers at these meetings.
  • DO NOT: Put flyers in mailboxes or use district email to campaign.
  • Text and email our campaign page to your colleagues: www.strongunionstrongcontract.com (don’t use sandi.net email!)

Email us to get more involved: thebreakfastclubsandiego@gmail.com

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