SDEA Internal Elections

  • The Breakfast Club union reform caucus has successfully campaigned to elect a majority on the SDEA Board starting August 1, 2014, as well as representatives to the CTA State Council.
  • Click HERE to visit our campaign page. It is updated for each election cycle. The spring SDEA election is concluded. The next election will be this fall, to fill multiple SDEA Board seats that will be vacant due to retirements.
  • Let’s talk!We’d love to come out to a union meeting at your school — contact us!

Fall 2012: Honor Our Contract Campaign

  • After the passage of Prop. 30, the District has enough money coming in to reinstate all of our raises and furlough days without a single layoff. But they won’t do it unless we make them.
  • Passed a Rep. Council resolution to hold accountability sessions with School Board members pushing for salary restorations.
  • Created “Dump Data Dobbs” petition targeting District CFO who gave a misleading interview with The Voice of San Diego attacking teachers. Dobbs apologized, and then later resigned.

Spring 2012 Layoff Fight: How Did Breakfast Club Members Fight Layoffs?

**Rules of Engagement:

Our union needs members to be involved. We need to talk to one another about what is going on in the District and at the union office. We need to email SDEA and SDUSD Board members with our concerns. We need to post to media and web blogs to have your voice heard. But we need to be careful when getting involved so as not the cross the line between “work” work and union work. 

Follow these steps to make sure you are a safe union activist:

  1. Only do things associated with the union on your time. That means before school, during your duty free lunch period, or after school.
  2. Don’t write or respond to union emails during school hours (other than your duty free lunch).
  3. Have as many conversations with others as you can, but only during duty free breaks or before and after school. If you can, schedule times to meet with small groups to have these union discussions.
  4. Try to write emails from home and use your personal email addresses.

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