What is this group about?

The Breakfast Club is a reform caucus of members within the San Diego Education Association (SDEA). We believe in a strong SDEA. Our lives, families, and students are better as a result of a strong union with a strong culture of organizing.  Right now, our union and our public schools are under attack like never before, and SDEA’s current leadership seems paralyzed in responding. If we are going to survive these attacks, save our jobs, and protect our contract, then SDEA members must come together in this time of need to organize and fight against those who would attack our union and our public schools.  Join us – whether you have just enough time to send emails, or you are interested in organizing a meeting at your school,  commit to take action against threats to our schools and our union members’ well-being. Together, we are stronger!

What is our union philosophy?

We believe:

  • That a strong union is all about member involvement, and that a good union is open and transparent. Members should have a voice at every level of decision-making, and the way in which decisions are made should be easy to understand and should welcome member participation.
  • Our union’s leadership should be up-front and honest with us at all times. Members should know the direction in which the leadership is steering our union.
  • That union leaders need to continually listen to the voice of union members. It should be easy to share our thoughts with our elected union leaders, and these voices should inform their decisions.
  • A strong union means a strong contract and a strong commitment to protecting every single job, and making sure that every single job is a job worth having.

What can I do?

  • Continue to check our website for information that you can forward on to teachers and other community members.
  • Sign up for our mailing list.
  • Email and call School Board members and demand that they honor our contract.
  • Contact SDEA Board members to make sure their decisions reflect the will of the members.
  • Attend SDUSD Board meetings, and SDEA Rep. Council and Board meetings.
  • Ask questions! Hold those who would play games with our livelihood accountable.
  • Go to union meetings at your school, and if your school doesn’t have them, call one!
  • Talk to your friends, your colleagues, your family members.
  • Get involved and stay involved.
Sign Up Information:

Email us to submit articles to our blog at thebreakfastclubsandiego@gmail.com

Sign up here to receive our emails.

Comment policy: The Breakfast Club Action Group welcomes lively debate, and we encourage you to comment. However, we are committed to a civil discourse, and so we will not post the following types of comments: We will not post comments that contain content that is racist, sexist, homophobic or in any other way discriminatory. We will also not post comments that contain threats of violence, excessive profanity, or ad hominem attacks.

Please remember this blog is moderated by a full-time teacher. Please be patient when you comment. Sometimes it will take a while for your comments to be approved.
Thank you for participating on the Breakfast Club’s website.

Breakfast Club Founding Supporters

Shane Parmely
SDUSD Teacher, SDEA member and CTA State Council Representative

Michelle Sanchez
SDUSD Teacher, SDEA Vice President-elect

Emily Neidhart
SDUSD Teacher

Bobbe Abts
SDUSD Teacher, SDEA Association Representative

Steve Brown
SDUSD Teacher, SDEA Member

Augie Evans
SDUSD Teacher

Annette Fenton
SDUSD Teacher, SDEA Member

Michele Fournier
SDUSD Teacher, SDEA Member

Tim Halley
SDUSD Teacher, SDEA Association Representative and Board member-elect

Kim Oliver (Morris)
SDUSD Teacher, SDEA Association Representative and Board member-elect

Teem Osborn
SDUSD Counselor, SDEA Board member

Rosemary Pang
SDUSD Teacher, SDEA Member and CTA State Council Representative

Nancy Paulis
SDUSD Teacher, SDEA Member

Jenny Rivera
SDUSD Teacher, SDEA Association Representative and Board member

Carol Shamrock
SDUSD Teacher, SDEA Member

Megan Sussman
SDUSD Teacher, SDEA Association Representative

Camille Zombro
SDUSD Teacher, SDEA Association Representative

3 thoughts on “About

    • YES! Our founding member Michelle Sanchez has been laid off, as well as Andy Zafuto. We have educators that range widely in tenure and subjects.

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