Vote for Shane Parmely in the CTA Run-Off Election!

Vote Shane Parmely for CTA Delegate

Vote for Shane Parmely

We meant to post this sooner, but I’ve been crazy busy with picketing Barrera and Beiser, and helping Bell’s GSA prep for and run our first Day of Silence, and celebrating my birthday by attending the Out At The Park Padres game and the Science March this weekend. (Fun and tiring!)


My name is Shane Parmely and I’m asking for your vote for CTA Seat 16 so that I can continue advocating at the state level for educators, our kids, communities, and truly public education for ALL students.  Here is a summary of some of the New Business Items I’ve written or co-written over the past four years (NBIs are how you move/make a motion at CTA State Council).

CTA will:

  • Create sample contract language unions can use to bargain language requiring districts pay for BTSA/Induction
  • Create a database of all districts and what portion of BTSA/Induction they pay
  • Add a webpage detailing educator rights to notify parents of their right to Opt Out of testing, and parents of their right to Opt Out
  • Create Opt Out rights materials in multiple languages for parents and educators
  • Create a youth leadership camp toolkit that Service Centers can use for the purpose of empowering local youth to be more engaged in local education and social justice initiatives
  • Write policy that recommends that Psychiatric Emergency Response Teams be limited to educators, not someone who can handcuff, pepper-spray, taze, billy-club, shoot, record with a body camera, cause the deportation of, or arrest the student during the assessment.
  • Create short videos and printable online toolkits of Know Your Rights materials in multiple languages for educators, parents, and community members regarding issues concerning immigrant rights and a list of pro bono legal services
  • Create Service Center trainings for educators regarding how to support undocumented students and immigrant students facing new Federal mandates.
  • Create a half-week strand for 2017 CTA Summer Institute focused on supporting immigrant and undocumented students.
  • Create a half-week, member-led GLBT strand for 2017 CTA Summer Institute.
  • Add a webpage to its website educating parents, members, and the community about the extent to which private companies can and do collect the personal data of children who use online learning programs in school, and parental rights to opt their child out of using such programs.
  • Identify a slate of candidates to run for the California Democratic Party Assembly District Election Meetings and candidates for the Republican equivalent


I also worked to secure CTA’s support for creating Dance and Theater credentials.

I hope you take the time to vote.  It really does matter and only takes 30 seconds.

And after you realize how easy it is, please help your friends vote, too.  🙂

Thank you!


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