Grassroots organizing pushes back on SDUSD school board members


On Monday April 24th, 2017 we had fun breaking in my new bullhorn today at Kevin Beier’s school.  We passed out fliers and talked with parents and students about the layoffs Kevin Beiser has voted for. He came out at the end and invited us in to talk, but the bottom line is this: Actions speak louder than words. We are watching to see if Beiser takes some action that says NO to #BullshitBargaining!

On Wednesday April 19th, SDEA members showed up to picket school board President Richard Barrera at the UFCW quarterly council meeting.  Richard Barrera, who works as the Executive Assistant for the UFCW, is embroiled in the current allegations against UFCW President Mickey Kasparian for sexually harassing multiple women, including the demanding of sexual favors. We are concerned that the members of UFCW don’t understand how the layoffs that Barrera is voting yes on will affect their own children in SDUSD.


Join us for Town Hall Meetings!

Wednesday April 26th, Kevin Beiser 4-6pm

Thursday April 27th, Richard Barrera and McQuary 4-6pm

Monday May 1st, Superintendent Cindy Marten, Trustees John Lee Evans and Sharon Whitehurst-Payne 4-6pm

10393 San Diego Mission Rd Ste 100, San Diego, 92108

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