Town Hall meetings with SDUSD Board Members and Superintendent are coming. Get these dates on your calendar!

You may have seen the recent article “San Diego teacher’s union facilitates the layoff of 1,500 educators” in which many valid criticisms are expressed about how our union is handling (i.e. facilitating) the layoffs during what is *clearly* a bullshit bargaining tactic by San Diego Unified School District.  As SDEA members, we have had many WTH moments over the past few months wondering when our union was going to step up and confront the district about the mistreatment of our members.  Since we didn’t really see that happening, we decided to write motions for our March 8th Rep Council to at least get our union to calendar some basic organizing actions.  Here are the resolutions that passed:

  1. SDEA will organize with willing school sites and educators to publicize educators that have been laid off with actions such as covering the doors of laid off educators with pink paper and a sign explaining that they are laid off.
  2. Before Spring Break, SDEA will organize schools to collect parent contact info and pass out fliers detailing all the ways they, as parents, can exert pressure on specific school board members and the superintendent, as individuals.  SDEA will ask parents to commit to participate in actions (call, email, attend meeting).
  3. Starting immediately, SDEA will plan a timeline of clusters “adopting” a school board meeting along with parents, students, teachers to apply public pressure to rescind/recall our members.
  4. In April 2017, SDEA will schedule accountability sessions with school board members at an active school in their area.  SDEA will recruit parent and community members (other unions, people from board members’ personal organizations) to attend and ask board members to vote to rescind layoff notices immediately.
  5. SDEA will publicly advertise, post, and notify members and the media of the plan to fight layoffs, and contact school board members by phone, email and a school board meetings to notify them of our plans and timeline.

Obviously, SDEA hasn’t followed all of these per the timelines inserted into the motions, but most of these are now in the process of happening. And I’m not sure what happened at the layoff meetings but someone dropped the ball getting the word out because “the beginning and end of the ‘fight’ against the layoffs is” not just “to poke holes in the administered list of layoffs.”  Swear.  SDEA has Indivisible-style town hall meetings scheduled for each School Board member and Superintendent.  Fliers will be hitting school sites when we get back from Spring Break, but no need to wait to get these dates on your calendar!  And please start inviting parents and friends now!

April 26 (Wednesday) Trustee Beiser
April 27 (Thursday) Trustees Barrera & MaQuarry
May 1 (Mon) Supt. Marten, Trustees Evans & Whitehurst-Payne

4-5pm Pizza Party * Sign-making * Preparation
5pm Town Hall begins

Shane Parmely, Teacher, Bell Middle School

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