SDUSD Is Hiring!

You may not have heard yet, but SDUSD is hiring!
That’s right!  Our district has been paying district staff to set up booths at local educator career fairs to recruit and hire new educators.  Upset?  So were the pink-slipped teachers who first reported seeing the SDUSD booth at a teacher hiring fair run by National University.  Once they sounded the alarm, a few motivated SDEA members organized a mini-protest at SDUSD’s booth at this past weekend’s San Diego County Office of Education educator career fair held a Liberty Station.


Here is the account of past SDEA President and current Chavez Elementary teacher, Camille Zombro:


A few of us showed up with signs, buttons, and pink shirts to hang out at SDUSD’s booth during the SD Co. Office of Ed.  job fair today (yeah, the one where they’re recruiting teachers while 900+ sit on layoff notices). We had to leave our signs on our cars, so all we did was stand around the SDUSD booth and chat (with our pins and pink shirts). Easy! Key learnings:

Resisting matters.
Apparently it only took four teachers standing around chatting,  while my two kids drew pictures on the ground, to put a room full of HR folks from around the county on edge. So worth it!

Being nice was helpful…
George the security guard made sure we followed the rules, because folks at several other districts were “uncomfortable” with us being there.  We, in turn, stood our ground in the nicest possible way.

People don’t like being uncomfortable.
When we got there, SDUSD had a long line at their booth…but then they had the shortest line in the room…and started closing down earlier than the rest. Huh.

Mansplaining really is a thing.
A very nice man from HR spent ten minutes explaining the layoff and recall process, and why they needed to recruit amid RIFs, to a group of teachers who have been laid off (collectively) like 6 or 8 times. They listened politely. And then he had to listen politely while we womansplained how everyone knows this is a manufactured crisis and #bullshitbargaining (thanks Shane!).

Our people are amazing.
This was the first protest for my work wife Allison (9th yr teacher) and Briana (who took my class when Pearl was born). Both got RIF’d. These women, plus my fellow site rep. Adriana, are brave and smart and tough. Being there was unnerving at first, but they got through it and our union is stronger because of it.

Finally, my kids are super-duper!
Ok, I already knew that…But between my bag of crayons/paper and some snacks we scrounged from the nice people in Ramona, they stayed reasonably well behaved for almost two hours of boring adult chatter.

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