Vote NOW in the SDEA Spring Election

Hello there 🙂

SDEA Elections start tomorrow, Monday, March 20th.  You will receive an electronic ballot in your personal email (probably the same account as the one you are reading right now).  You and your SDEA colleagues will get to vote to elect people for three different levels of union leadership: SDEA (local), CTA (state), NEA (national).  And we would like to recommend candidates for all three levels.

Where you teach determines which SDEA seat you vote for, so you will not see all of these choices on your ballot.  And your friend at a different school may not be able to vote for the same candidate as you.  Here are the candidates we recommend and hope that you help your friends vote for:

SDEA Seat 1: Shane Parmely, Bell Middle School
SDEA Seat 4: Elizabeth Cullen, Logan K-8
SDEA Seat 8: Meghan Hughes, Kearny High School
SDEA Seat 10: Carol Munoz, Miramar Ranch Elementary

CTA Seat 1: Meghan Hughes
CTA Seat 16: Shane Parmely

NEA: Meghan Hughes, Shane Parmely, Monique Anderson, and everyone else that you know.  You have the opportunity to vote for many people. (We’ll update this list once we see who all the candidates are.)

Thank you for helping Get Out the Vote at your school this week!  The election runs into Spring Break (again) and ends on March 31, but the sooner people vote, the better!

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