8 days left to VOTE!!!

After voting started on Monday, March 21st, many members had trouble getting to their ballot. Here are some tips:

  • Vote early to ensure you have time to deal with any issues that come up
  • If you can’t find your ballot, do a “search” from inside your email. Search for “SDEA 2016” or “vote@simplyvoting.com”
  • Make sure you are looking in your PERSONAL EMAIL! Not your sandi.net email
  • If you still cannot find your ballot search your “Promotions”, “Social”, “Spam” and “Trash” folders
  • If you STILL cannot find your ballot, please call SDEA at 619-283-4411 and give them your current personal email address, and Simply Voting will send out a new email
  • After you vote, please encourage your friends to vote and HELP them to find their ballot if they need help

Remember, the election ends on April 4th! Let’s get the vote out and let your voice be heard!

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