Meet our SDEA Board Candidates!

Vote Shane Parmely for SDEA President

Vote Shane Parmely for SDEA President

Shane Parmely, Candidate for SDEA PRESIDENT

Bell Middle School

Our union needs a president that knows organizing is not emails, website posts, and speeches but is actual face-to-face conversations with members which takes time, energy, and work.  And that’s the kind of work I like to do.   If elected President, we WILL have a well-planned and executed organizing campaign that is highly publicized to support our bargaining team. The District WILL know we are committed to winning a contract that makes SDUSD one of the best districts for both teachers and students.

I was extremely disappointed with the brief-lived and ill-timed organizing campaign to support our bargaining team.  I was on the Organizing Committee.  We barely implemented a third of the plan and then settled for an extremely mediocre contract BEFORE the May revise.  When it came time to ratify, many of us noticed that SDEA spent more time and energy convincing us to approve the contract than they did to support bargaining.

I teach at Bell MS.  Previously, 8 years as an ELST, 5 years at Serra HS.  I’ve served on the SDEA Board, CTA, NEA-RA, Labor Council.  I’m CTA trained: Leadership, School Finance, Essential Bargaining Skills.  I’m an activist in state/national organizations fighting corporate education reform, high-stakes testing, and privatization.

The SDEA President needs to shape the public narrative about the issues facing educators and students today.  I’m a pretty good writer.  Rep Council unanimously passed my two resolutions about testing.  Together, let’s write the next chapter for our union and schools. Vote Shane Parmely for President.


Vote Michelle Sanchez for SDEA Vice President

Vote Michelle Sanchez for SDEA Vice President

Michelle Sanchez, Candidate for SDEA VICE PRESIDENT

Garfield High School

I am Michelle Sanchez, your current Vice President and I seek your vote for VP.  I teach History at Garfield High and consider myself lucky to teach such fantastic kids.  I’m extremely dedicated and involved in SDEA.  In the past two years as VP, I’ve been a member of the Contract Administration committee, Joint Labor committee, Organizing Committee, and Fair Share Task Force, among others.  I’m also a delegate at Labor Council, Service Center, CTA, and NEA-RA.

While I want to continue this work, I’m running because I understand what it means to be a leader. I love listening to our members, helping them understand the critical role they play protecting our contract, and enabling them to realize the potential they hold to better our profession as a whole.  Strengthening our union must always be a priority, and we accomplish this by strengthening our contract: the one thing that impacts all of our members.

Our strength comes from members, which is why leaders need to spend time with members out at their school sites.  As in, REAL time engaging with members about their concerns, ideas, and suggestions.  And based on this input, leaders should come up with ways to support members to address issues and implement ideas.  Our union membership is a wealth of ideas and talent that needs to be heard.  As VP for our union, I’ve made it a priority to encourage and support members at all levels of participation.  Let me continue this work with your vote.


Vote Matt Schneck for SDEA Secretary

Vote Matt Schneck for SDEA Secretary

Matt Schneck, Candidate for SDEA Secretary

San Diego Early Middle College

I’m a high school teacher at San Diego Early/Middle College and a current member of the SDEA Board of Directors.  I am running for the office of Secretary because as a former AVID teacher, I take some damn good Cornell Notes. But I’m also running because I would like to see our union do more for teachers and students.

On the board, I voted with the other 6 board members in a 7-8 decision to not recommend contract ratification.  I stand by this vote because I am willing to stand up and speak my mind.  Was a 4 and 1 percent raise good enough?  Was maintaining the status quo of overcrowded classrooms at 36 students a piece good enough?  Is simply sending out emails and expecting members to get involved good enough? I will fight and push our union to do more organizing and increase member involvement.

I believe our union can be a powerful voice to fight for our schools, students, and our livelihoods.  But we can’t rest on our laurels.  I think SDEA is capable of doing some amazing things and I humbly ask for your vote.  Thank you.



Vote Stacy Williams for SDEA Treasurer

Vote Stacy Williams for SDEA Treasurer

Stacy Williams, Candidate for SDEA Treasurer


I am currently a special education teacher in the TRACE program and have been teaching with San Diego Unified for 12 years. I began my journey with the Union upon filing a grievance and carrying it out all the way through arbitration.  I gained knowledge, strength, and courage that I never realized I had through this experience, and I have become a stronger advocate for students and teachers by going through this journey.

I feel compelled to get more involved with Union activities and to fight for the rights of all students and teachers.  I am hoping to be elected as Treasurer as I feel that I am a perfect candidate for this position.  I have held a treasurer’s position on two non-profit boards and have seen the importance of transparency with spending and receiving money.  I was treasurer of a non- profit called Fairhaven Foundation and now serve as the Co-President.  I am currently serving as the treasurer for The Rock Toastmasters. I have served as an AR and CR and was elected as a RA delegate at the NEA-RA last summer.

Unions have brought our career to a whole new level, where without them we would not have the protections that we currently enjoy which would have an adverse effect on our students.  If elected, I will represent our Union in a positive manner while maintaining integrity.  I am ready to stand up and fight for the needs of our educators and students.

Vote Anna Bonitati for SDEA Board Seat 2

Vote Anna Bonitati for SDEA Board Seat 2

Anna Bonitati, Candidate for SDEA Board Seat 2

Clark Middle School

I am a 20 year veteran of SDUSD. I am a CTA state representative and serve on the Language Acquisition Committee. I have been active in SDEA at the site level as an AR. I am passionate about advocating for the rights of students and teachers. I have a strong sense of ethics and social justice. I am not a complacent person who “drinks the kool-aid”, but rather I speak up against injustice, poor decisions and illogical policies. I am that person in the staff meeting who asks the questions or makes the comments that many are thinking, but do not voice. I have spent all of my 20 years advocating for the rights of EL’s and working with teachers to support them with their instruction of ELs. I believe that smaller class size is a priority if we really want our students to progress. I believe that Elementary teachers need more prep time and assistance with students with special needs and EL’s. I believe the needs of our students should be at the forefront of the decisions that the district and the union make.


Vote Tommy Noriega for SDEA Board Seat 3

Vote Tommy Noriega for SDEA Board Seat 3

Tommy Noriega, Candidate for SDEA Board Seat 3

Franklin Elementary School

I’m an advocate for children AND teachers! I walked the line in ‘96 and have been actively involved in our union since then.   I have been teaching for over 35 years:

  • Key USI math, science teacher
  • 12 yrs middle school mathematics specialist, 5 of which were in SPED
  • Elementary prep time P.E. teacher, 4 years
  • All elementary grade levels 1-6
  • Summer preschool program for children with autism

I’ve represented you on numerous committees, including the SDEA Board, multiple NEA Representative Assemblies, and served as a Trustee for the joint SDEA/SDUSD Medical Benefits Trust.  But I am most passionate about retirement issues that impact our members and have served on the CTA CalSTRS Unfunded Liability Workgroup, three State Council terms on the Retirement Committee and I currently chair the Retirement Committee for our Service Center.  I’m the person people come talk to when there’s a question about retirement!

I’ve committed to educating myself about issues that impact our STRS.   CTA has recognized my knowledge and expertise on the issues concerning our retirement and has repeatedly sent me to Sacramento to represent your voice with legislators.  When elected, I will bring this expertise to the SDEA Board to help ensure that members near retirement age will not be forgotten when our bargaining team sits down to negotiate our next contract.  I am ready, willing and able to give my dedication and commitment to serving you at both State Council and on the SDEA Board.

Vote Norma Reyes for SDEA Board Seat 5

Vote Norma Reyes for SDEA Board Seat 5

Norma Reyes, Candidate for SDEA Board Seat 5

Lincoln High School

My name is Norma Reyes and I am an ESL teacher at Lincoln High School. I have always taught ESL and believe that we need stronger language in our contract to protect the learning conditions of this population of students.

With a large population of ELs and SpEd students I see how challenging it is for my co-workers in supporting these students. We have Education Specialists who have at the minimum 20 students to case manage, as well as co-teaching responsibilities. I have seen at least two Ed Specialists take time off due to stress leave. Our ELST positions have become an Area position that challenges those of us in ESL to take on more responsibility in our schools to support our students.

At Lincoln we have a New Arrival Center (NAC), which now has 34 students. This year, my colleague and I were forced to make decisions in moving students not based on their level of need, but on keeping our numbers down because we were not given a second NAC teacher.

I believe that it is important to address these two areas in our contract so that educators can better support our teachers so that our students aren’t inadvertently neglected.  As a Lincoln teacher, I have participated in collective actions to affect positive change.  I understand the power of working together to reach a common goal and now I would like to do that as an SDEA Board member.

Thank you for your vote!

Heather Poland for SDEA Board Seat 6

Heather Poland for SDEA Board Seat 6

Heather Poland, Candidate for SDEA Board Seat 6

Rodriguez Elementary

I have been a teacher for 14 years. Because I have taught at both elementary and middle schools, I am very familiar with the issues that both elementary and secondary teachers face.

I have been fighting for public education and teacher autonomy for many years, and am the state contact for United Opt Out, national and state admin for Badass Teachers, and I helped to organize the AROS Walk-In for Public Schools. I fight for what is right for students and teachers.

I will be your voice on the SDEA board. Vote for Heather Poland. Thank you.


Vote Sue Giaquinta for Board Seat 9

Vote Sue Giaquinta for Board Seat 9

Sue Giaquinta, Candidate for SDEA Board Seat 9

Marston Middle School

I am Sue Giaquinta and I am running for SDEA Board Seat 9.  I have been teaching for over 26 years within our school district and during this time I have been involved in various capacities within SDEA. My ability to ask the hard questions for my members demonstrates my dedication and desire to ensure that all are being fairly represented.

I have been an Association Rep (AR) for many years, and a delegate at Service Center and the Labor Council. I was also a delegate to NEA-RA last year. I am proud that I held the line in ’96.  Because of this experience I know what it takes to support a strong bargaining campaign to win a favorable contract.  That is why it has always been a priority for me to secure a strong contract.

In order to secure a contract we must promote more organizing activities to bring members together to form a cohesive, more powerful union.  Real organizing requires real work for our leaders and I am ready to step into that role once more.  My previous experience of serving on the SDEA Board will let me hit the ground running. Let me represent you on the SDEA board once more.  Thank you.

Vote Carol Muñoz for SDEA Board Seat 12

Vote Carol Muñoz for SDEA Board Seat 12

Carol Muñoz, Candidate for SDEA Board Seat 12

Miramar Ranch Elementary

I am Carol Muñoz, running for SDEA Board Seat 12.  I am an active member of the SDEA Rep Council: I ask the tough questions that need to be asked and I don’t stop asking until I get a substantive response.  By doing this, I ensure that my members’ issues are represented and addressed.

A little about myself… I received my credential in 1990, served as a visiting teacher for K – 9th grade throughout the district for six years, participated in the ’96 strike, and spent three years being bumped from school to school as a contracted teacher before landing at Miramar Ranch.

Across these schools and years I would listen to stressed out teachers in reactive situations. I would ask, “Who was listening to you?” I never heard “my union.”  Sadly, we are still a reactive union. It is past time to turn a reactive institution into a proactive, capacity building force that hears each and every SDEA member’s voice.  Without this, we work as a broken drum, a union without a heartbeat.  If elected to Board Seat 12, I will work to bring about this urgently needed transformation.

Thank you.

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