San Diego Service Center NEA-RA Election Happening Now!

Each year our local CTA Service Center (which is comprised of locals from around southern San Diego) sends delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly.  You should have received your electronic ballot to vote for the CTA delegates to the NEA-RA on February 16th.  (If you don’t see your ballot, check your spam folder!)  Please take a minute to vote for our candidates!  And then practice your union skills by talking with your neighbors and friends at your school and help them vote. Thank you for taking action today!

Our SDEA Candidates:

  1. Williams, Stacy
  2. Parmely, Shane

Write-in:  Heather Poland (SDEA)

In addition to voting for SDEA candidates, we recommend these candidates from other local unions:

  1. Malone, Gayle
  2. Bienke, Erik
  3. Groth, Jim
  4. Garcia, Lorena
  5. Rodriguez, Gretel
  6. Rodriguez, Roberto
  7. Zmijewski, Cathy
  8. Duncan, Reagan
  9. DuPre, Laura
  10. Dawson, Barbara
  11. Cruz, Eleanor “Kat”
  12. Chavira, Gene
  13. Torres, Linda
  14. Tellez, Claudia
  15. Estrella, Elvia
  16. Prokop, Christopher

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