With May Revise, TA Goes from Bad to Rotten

Today’s May Revise Budget means $200 MILLION MORE next year for SDUSD! Today Governor Brown announced that he is proposing an EXTRA $2.1 BILLION more than the expected $4 billion for public education this coming year. According to the memo CTA sent to delegates today, the May Revise means $968 ADA per student MORE than we’re getting this year. With 131,000+ students, that means SDUSD could stand to receive an extra $127 MILLION MORE in ongoing money, on top of the massive increases they’ve seen this year and last year. The May Revise also proposes $555 ADA in one-time money, for a total of a whopping $200 MILLION MORE next year for SDUSD.

What does this mean for SDUSD? Well, a 1% raise costs around $6 million, according to SDEA leadership. That means SDUSD could easily DOUBLE the raise they just offered us. That means they could also decrease class size in grades 4-12. That means they could also give more counselors to elementary schools. That means they could also guarantee more nurses for all schools. That means they could also really fund extra SpEd supports.

BUT THEY WON’T. Because NONE of those things are in the TA that SDEA just bargained for us. Since our bargaining team rushed unnecessarily to cut a mediocre deal, SDUSD won’t have to spend their extra millions on ANY of those things next year. While we’re stuck with barely-median-for-now pay and massive class sizes in grades 4-12, how many six-figure salaried central office administrators and “leaders” do you think SDUSD will hire this time? How much of that money do you think they’ll save for a raise during the 2016-17 contract “reopener”???

IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY. We can vote NO on the TA. That does NOT mean we are voting to strike (although WE can choose whether to vote to strike later). It means we are voting for our union to actually FIGHT for a GREAT contract. To launch a work to rule action, which SDEA planned on paper but never did. To picket where School Board members work, which SDEA planned on paper but never did. To leaflet where School Board members live, which SDEA planned on paper but never did. All year long we have waited for SDEA President Lindsay Burningham to tell us it was time to take the gloves off and REALLY FIGHT, and it just never happened.

But we don’t need SDEA’s permission to fight. We can do it ourselves, by voting NO, taking our contract campaign into our own hands, showing up on our School Board members’ doorsteps and DEMANDING that they take their $200 million and spend it on the classroom.

READING THIS IS NOT ENOUGH. TA ballots are getting emailed out tomorrow. If you want to save our contract:

  1. Vote NO.
  2. Copy and paste this email (don’t forward) and send it to everyone you know in SDUSD. District or personal email is fine.
  3. Print this out and give it to everyone at your school.
  4. Talk to your colleagues! Speak up and tell them how you feel!

Nothing is stopping us from getting a better raise, better class sizes, better supports for our kids. Nothing but us.


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