VOTE Parmely, Martinez, Rivera, Anderson!

Ballots for SDEA Board of Directors will be hitting your email inboxes tomorrow. Want to vote for candidates who will HOLD THE LINE at the bargaining table?

  • Seat #1: Shane Parmely (Crawford/Hoover/Morse secondary)
  • Seat #4: Carolina Martinez (Lincoln/Mission Bay/San Diego elementary)
  • Seat #7: Jenny Rivera (Clairemont/Henry/Kearny/Point Loma elementary)
  • Seat #8: Monique Anderson (Clairemont/Henry/Kearny/Point Loma secondary)

You can download our campaign flier, including candidates we recommend for CTA State Council, below:

Spring 2015 Campaign Flier

Print and share! Voting is open through April 6, so if you’re going to tell your friends, do it this week before break. Remember, no fliers in district mailboxes. Word of mouth is better anyway. 🙂


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