Election Update: Apparently We’re ALL Getting U.S. Mail Instructions After All

The good news is that it just got a lot easier for everyone to vote.

By Shane Parmely, Candidate for SDEA President

We’re getting reports from members union-wide that they just received a letter in the mail from Simply Voting, the vendor conducting our online union election, with instructions for how to vote. I got mine yesterday. The letters appear to have been sent to all of us regardless of whether or not we had a personal email address on file with SDEA. If you haven’t been able to vote yet, go check your mail and then get to it!

The frustrating news is that yet again, we’re not getting consistent and accurate information from our union about how our election is being conducted. For those of us struggling to keep track:

  1. First we were told that unless we had a personal email on file with SDEA, we would have to physically vote at the SDEA office.
  2. Then we were told that if we didn’t have a personal email on file, we would receive a “W-2 like form” at home through the U.S. mail with voting instructions, but if we did have an email on file, we would not receive anything in the mail.
  3. We were also told that there was a hard deadline in March for submitting our email addresses.
  4. But then members were learning from SDEA Contract Specialist Rafal Dobrowolski that they could submit an email address to him at any time at dobrowolski_r@sdea.net and get their email ballot immediately, mid-election.
  5. And now, apparently, there is no W-2 like form, and it’s not going only to people without an email on file. There’s just a regular letter, coming to all of us in the mail.


At the SDEA Board meeting where the online voting was discussed and the expenditure approved, I thought that’s what the original plan was — that everyone would get the info in the U.S. mail — and I couldn’t understand why the members of the incumbent slate objected. I’m glad to see that everyone is getting the voting info mailed to them after all to make voting easier, because that’s how a good democracy works. But I’m reminded again why so many of us have gotten more involved in our union in the last few years. We need clear, consistent, and transparent communication from our union when it comes to elections, ratifications, and any process that is supposed to solicit and incorporate member input.

Please vote for the candidates who support fair and clean elections:

SDEA Board of Directors

  • Shane Parmely — SDEA President
  • Michelle Sanchez — Vice President
  • Peter Burrell — Treasurer
  • Pat Thomas — Secretary
  • Gloria Barrios-Andrade — SDEA Board Seat 2, At Large — Crawford, Hoover, Morse
  • Daniel Pugh — SDEA Board Seat 3, Elementary — Crawford, Hoover, Morse
  • Nancy Dosick — SDEA Board Seat 4, Elementary — Lincoln, Mission Bay, San Diego
  • Matthew Schneck — SDEA Board Seat 5, Secondary — Lincoln, Mission Bay, San Diego
  • Kim Oliver – SDEA Board Seat 6, At Large — Lincoln, Mission Bay, San Diego
  • Tim Halley — SDEA Board Seat 9, At Large — Clairemont, Henry, Kearny, Point Loma
  • Steven Insko — SDEA Board Seat 12, Elementary — La Jolla, Madison, Mira Mesa, Scripps, Serra, UC

CTA State Council Delegates

  • Rosemary Pang  — Seat 8
  • Matthew Schneck — Seat 9
  • Gloria Barrios-Andrade — Seat 10
  • Norma Reyes — Seat 11
  • Peter Oskin — Seat 16


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