You’ve Got Mail! (The real kind…)

At last Wednesday’s Rep. Council, the SDEA Election Committee announced that candidates for union office are allowed to use U.S. mail to send campaign materials to members’ work addresses. (Looks like the other side already got the memo, since they’d sent some of you postcards early last week.) What did that announcement mean for our group of candidates? It meant we spent the entire weekend pitching in money, pizza and HOURS of our time to print, stamp and label as many postcards as we could to let members know about our slate’s vision for a strong union and strong contract. Totally worth it, because almost every member at every school is getting a postcard about our slate this week. Keep an eye out!

To be absolutely clear, we did not use one ounce of union or district resources. We manually created the lists ourselves, school by school and name by name (yeah, we’ll sleep in April). Remember, the incumbent slate appears to have used district lists to send their U.S. mailers. We did not, so feel confident in assuring members that we remain completely committed to running an honest and clean campaign.

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