The Elevator Pitch

In case you need help talking through why your friends should vote for us, download our flier HERE and then give them the 1-2-3 “elevator pitch” we use!

By Shane Parmely, SDEA Board member and Candidate for SDEA President

  1. Stronger Bargaining. Our slate has been trying to get our union to be more aggressive with our contract all year. We pushed to get our salary restorations this year instead of next. The incumbent slate argued that they “trust the district” when it comes to the budget, and if the district says they don’t have the money, we should believe them. We will fight for the contract we deserve, not just accept what the district feels nice enough to give us.
  2.  Transparency. Our slate wants you to know where your dues dollars go. When our union leaders are talking with district admin, you should know what gets talked about. Full disclosure, no backroom deals.
  3.  Input. Our slate believes in coming to members before big decisions are made, not after. Whether we’re bargaining the whole contract, a Common Core side letter, or anything in between, you’ll know about it before it happens and have a chance to voice your opinion. Period.

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