Mini-Election Update on the NEA-RA and More

1.  NEA Representative Assembly election is happening now.  No, there’s nothing wrong with your ballot (we think). This year, SDEA is running the NEA-RA election separately from the spring election for SDEA Board and CTA, so you should have received a paper ballot ONLY for NEA-RA. The NEA-RA is the national convention of teacher union members, where delegates from all over the country make recommendations about national educational policy. We are currently recommending the following candidates, and may have additional recommendations as we reach out to more candidates:

Local NEA Delegates
6. Paula Wilson
20. Claudia Elena Sanchez
21. Matthew Schneck
22. Gerald Bosch

San Diego County Service Center Delegates
4. Roberto Rodriguez
11. Marti Welch
16. Gail Malone
18. Christopher Prokop
27. Laura DuPre
30. Mary Doyle
32. Jessica Cabrera
34. Frances Zumwalt
35. Catherine Zmijewski

If you or someone you know is running as well and would like to talk about getting added to our recommendation list, email!

2.  The SDEA “Big Deal” election is coming in April.  The election for SDEA President, Officers and Board is still coming. We’ll have a longer election update soon, but the key thing to know right now is that you will have a MUCH easier time voting if SDEA has your personal email address on file. You can go to the SDEA website to update it, or call SDEA at 619-283-4411. The B-fasters on the SDEA Board are working to make voting as easy as possible for ALL members, personal email or no, but we encourage you to update your email with SDEA to avoid any possible voting barriers. Remember, many of our candidates either won or lost by a handful of votes last time, so every single vote is HUGE.

3.  Campaigning is crucial and we need your help!  The incumbent slate is already using their access to union resources to sway the vote. Read a first-hand account of SDEA President Bill Freeman campaigning out of his SDEA building office HERE. This just means we have to work all the harder – so that’s what we’re doing!  🙂

We really appreciate the support we’ve received from so many of you supporting our slate of candidates for the SDEA Board. Thank you for inviting us to your union meetings so we can meet your colleagues, hear their bargaining priorities, and answer their questions. Please keep the invites coming!  Reply email and we’ll set up a candidate meet and greet at your school.  And if you haven’t had a chance yet, please download our campaign flier below and share it far and wide! 🙂

********* DOWNLOAD: SDEA Board Flier *********

4.  Join fellow B-Faster SDEA members this Tuesday, March 11th, at the School Board meeting.  SDEA will be “sunshining” (presenting) our union’s initial bargaining proposals to the District. The good news is that our union is proposing, among other things, a raise… but the big question is, what’s the number? Remember, other unions like UTLA are proposing big double-digit raises now that the Prop. 30 money is coming. While we continue to anxiously await that minor detail from our bargaining team, no matter what, the District needs to know that there are a LOT of us behind this contract bargain, and we are NOT going to take another concessions-filled contract this time. Period. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

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