SDEA Endorses David Alvarez for Mayor

On Monday, 2 December, the SDEA Political Involvement Committee (PIC) interviewed David Alvarez at the SDEA office. 

— By Pat Thomas, La Jolla High School AR

In addition to being young and energetic, he has some great ideas for the city of San Diego.  We found his ideas for working with the public education community (not just SDUSD but other districts in the City as well) very interesting.  He sees public schools as community centers.  He would like to utilize school sites in this way even more than they are being used now, with more programs during afternoons and evenings for arts, athletics, and civic groups.   He said, of course, that covering the extra expenses of doing so would be paid by the City, not SDUSD.  He also knows that many of our neighborhoods are “under parked.”  So, he envisions our schools being busier on weekends with local families and neighborhood sports teams.

The PIC recommended to the SDEA Board that we support David Alvarez’s candidacy at Level 3, which is to endorse him and to encourage our members to volunteer for his campaign. The Board and Rep. Council both overwhelmingly approved our recommendation.

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