Posted in December 2013

SDEA Upholds Breakfast Club Election Challenges

By Shane Parmely, SDEA Board member After last week’s Rep. Council, there was a one agenda item SDEA Board meeting regarding the election challenges filed by Gloria Barrios-Andrade and Nancy Dosick. The three-person Election Committee consisting of Bobbe Abbts, Karen Ellesworth and Candy Shauer found that in two cases, Standing Rule 9.3 had been violated: … Continue reading

School Board Adopts Resolution PRAISING Up for Ed

By Jenny Rivera, SDEA Board member/Dailard AR Something odd seemed to be going on at SDUSD school board meeting on Nov. 19, 2013. When I checked the agenda posted online, I noticed that Up For Ed was slated to receive a Proclamation from our school board singing the praises of the recipients. Well, was this … Continue reading

SDEA Board 11/20/13: Up for Who? Huh?

By Shane Parmely, SDEA Board member Approval of the minutes was a bit of a flashback:  Scott Mullin insisted certain sentences be removed because including a record of their conversation about the election was “divisive” and VP Lindsay Burningham insisted that more “positives” be added to the minutes.  Alrighty then… While Election Results was listed … Continue reading