The Election Results are in…

…and we have some good news and some disappointing news:

Board Seat 5: Shane Parmely defeated Malykke Bacon (55-24)
Board Seat 4: Nancy Dosick lost to Marc Capitelli (42-74)
CTA Seat 12: Peter Burrell defeated Kandi Nieto (386-208)
CTA Seat 15: Emily Neidhart defeated Lindsay Burningham (309-302)
CTA Seat 11: Gloria Barrios-Andrade lost to Scott Mullin (293-303)

View the Tally Sheet here: 2013-Tally-Fall-Special-Elections

Here’s the takeaway for me:
1. We won 3 out of 5 elections. Not bad.

2. But. BUT. We can lose.  I think a lot of us were lulled into thinking our candidates were shoo-ins based on our landslide victory earlier this year.  This election needs to be a wake-up call for the officer elections coming this spring, when we will be voting for a new SDEA President as well as the majority of the seats on the SDEA Board. We only get landslide victories when we work like the dickens for them.

3. The Freeman-Burningham slate (although not Burningham herself) picked off a few seats because they campaigned harder and just plain cheated: mailing campaign material to members home addresses they should not have had, sending emails to personal emails they should not have had, and robo-calling SDEA members at home phone numbers they should not have had. We can file challenges till the cows come home, but at the end of the day they still (barely) have the votes on the Board to toss out our valid challenges, while continuing to uphold each other’s frivolous challenges.

4. So we can assume that their take-away from this will be to cheat even harder this spring. Our only recourse will be to campaign cleanly and twice as effectively.

5. Voter turnout is still incredibly low, and every vote reeeeeally counts.  Emily won by 7 votes and Gloria only lost by 10.  We all know colleagues who misplaced their ballot or decided they weren’t going to get “involved” in this election.  These votes are game changers!

6. Emily, Gloria, Peter, Nancy, and I could not be more thankful for all of the hard work so many of you have done over the few months.  Those of us who won now are utterly committed to representing you as strongly and fairly as we can as your SDEA Board member and CTA representatives. (But first we are utterly committed to a thankful and restful Thanksgiving Break, and we hope all of you are, too!)

So what’s next? A lot of sleep, a lot of food, and then a lot more sleep.  And after that, we get ready for the big campaign this spring, where our votes will determine whether we get the union President and leadership — and the union contract — we deserve.

In gratitude and solidarity,

Shane Parmely
SDEA Board member
NEA and CTA representative
Co-founder of the Breakfast Club, an SDEA Union Reform Caucus

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