“Close Reading” of Bill Freeman’s Campaign Robo-Call

The folks at the District have gotten super excited about “close reading” again recently.  I’ve always been a fan (as close reading is necessary to catch people trying to pull one over on you) so let’s try out these skills on a transcription of the campaign robo-call many members received from SDEA President Bill Freeman this weekend.

By Shane Parmely, CTA State Council Delegate and Candidate for SDEA Board Seat 5

While it’s important to analyze what an author explicitly states in a text, it is equally important to identify key information or details that the author has avoided including.  Below is a transcript and audio file of Freeman’s call:

While, there are many choice sentences worthy of discussion with your colleagues, please focus on the underlined section as you read:

This is Bill Freeman, SDEA member and Teacher of the Year.  You should have received your corrected SDEA ballot in the US mail.  All of you will be voting for CTA State Council, some for the SDEA Board of Directors depending on your geographic area.  I promised I would reach out to recommend candidates I support, candidates who will work to unite the membership.  I recommend Marc Capitelli or Malykke Bacon for Board of Director Seats, Area 2; Scott Mullin, Lindsay Burningham, and Kandi Nieto for CTA State Council seats.  They are strong and willing to wage an effective campaign for a good contract, one that secures fully paid health benefits. They will use the membership collective voice and power to advocate for all, not just a few.  They will promote public education and are committed to community outreach. Again, Marc Capitelli or Malykke Bacon for Board of Director Seats; Scott Mullin, Lindsay Burningham, and Kandi Nieto for CTA State Council.

The views and opinions are those of myself, as an individual union member. They do not represent the views and opinions of SDEA, CTA, or NEA.  Thank you.

Freeman states that his slate will fight for fully paid health benefits. Freeman does NOT state that his slate will fight to protect our salary restorations, let alone an actual raise on top of that.

I want to be clear: The Breakfast Club DOES promise to fight, tooth and nail, for fully paid health benefits, AND restorations and raises, AND no layoffs.  Because that is what a union is supposed to do.  Especially one as big and powerful as ours!  Our union has fought and won this battle before when we had leadership committed to building a strong union, not strong relationships with the people in the Central Office. And SDUSD has the money to pay us. The only question is whether or not we’re going to make them.  (Read my budget analysis HERE.)

It’s important to note that members received this robo-call from Freeman on their personal phones, at phone numbers they never gave him or anyone else to use for campaign purposes. This campaign violation joins a long list of incumbent slate candidates using personal contact information that members gave only to SDEA and SDUSD (read examples HEREHERE, andHERE).

And by the way, does anyone know if SDEA Election Committee Co-Chair Kandi Nieto, who is currently on the ballot herself, is still the only person with a key to the ballot box? We were going to ask about that today at the SDEA Board meeting, but it was suddenly cancelled yesterday afternoon.

So, now more than ever, it’s up to YOU to help turn out the vote at your site.  That way, when you think about our union leadership, you won’t look like you just smelled something bad.

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