Treasurer Manuel Gomez Responds with Profanity to Non-Partisan Election Email

So yesterday, SDEA Board Rep Nancy Dosick asked me to look over an email before she sent it out to her Area AR’s…

By Shane Parmely, CTA State Council Delegate/Candidate for SDEA Board Seat 5

She has repeatedly expressed concern about the low voter turnout in our Area (San Diego, Mission Bay, Lincoln) and has been brainstorming ways of increasing member participation.  Sending a non-partisan email out to the AR’s encouraging them to GOTV at their sites is clearly a good idea, and she wanted me to double-check to make sure it had nothing in it that could be misconstrued as campaigning.  President Bill Freeman even sent one out himself last week.  So… no big deal, right?  Wrong.

Nancy sent this email out:

nancy email

And within 38 minutes she received the following reply from SDEA Treasurer and Chollas-Meade AR Manuel Gomez (Note: The incredibly professional Dosick was so embarrassed by the contents of this email that she asked us to blur the full letters of the profanity in our post.):

manuel response









Now, those of you who know Dosick can probably imagine her reaction upon receiving Gomez’s email.  For those of you who don’t know Dosick, let me just say that she is extremely thoughtful, considerate, and grounded.  She always takes into account the needs and perspectives of all stakeholders in any situation when negotiating an outcome.  (Why someone with so much class hangs out with me, I’ll never know!  But I’m thankful that she does!)

After much thought, this is how she responded:

nancy response

All of this is incredibly ironic given the fact that last week, SDEA Board member and incumbent slate candidate Scott Mullin sent out a campaign email to SDEA members’ personal email addresses with a message signed himself, Freeman… and Gomez! The email endorsed the incumbent slate.  (Read HERE for a first-hand account from a member who received this email signed by Gomez, as well as an autodial campaign call he received on his cell phone from Freeman.)

But the important thing here is what YOUR response will be!  Please ask your colleagues if they have voted.  If not, hand them a flier (HERE) and encourage them to vote for our candidates.  Or ask them to bring their ballot to school so that you can help them vote.  We still have so many veteran teachers that are voting for the first time in their entire careers.  We need more of this!!!

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