Posted in November 2013

The Election Results are in…

…and we have some good news and some disappointing news: Board Seat 5: Shane Parmely defeated Malykke Bacon (55-24) Board Seat 4: Nancy Dosick lost to Marc Capitelli (42-74) CTA Seat 12: Peter Burrell defeated Kandi Nieto (386-208) CTA Seat 15: Emily Neidhart defeated Lindsay Burningham (309-302) CTA Seat 11: Gloria Barrios-Andrade lost to Scott … Continue reading

“Close Reading” of Bill Freeman’s Campaign Robo-Call

The folks at the District have gotten super excited about “close reading” again recently.  I’ve always been a fan (as close reading is necessary to catch people trying to pull one over on you) so let’s try out these skills on a transcription of the campaign robo-call many members received from SDEA President Bill Freeman this weekend. By Shane Parmely, … Continue reading