Incumbent Slate Candidate Malykke Bacon’s Flyers Stuffed in Boxes at Garfield…

…because we put them there!


Have we lost our minds? No, just our patience.

There’s a reason that for years SDEA did not consider the placement of SDEA election flyers into mailboxes to be a campaign violation: it’s IMPOSSIBLE for the candidate to control. See above! Don’t worry. We removed them immediately, and obviously aren’t going to file a challenge based on this. The point is to show how ridiculously easy it would be for any candidate to intentionally sabotage his or her opponent and vice versa, leading to endless, costly re-run elections for our union. Aren’t those fun.

Furthermore, the rules about mailboxes are designed to prevent materials that aren’t “official union business” from being placed in District mailboxes. Our campaign flyers are part of official union business, and a very important part. They are submitted to and approved by SDEA, and actually already get sent through school mail to ARs as part of their official packet, and get delivered to their… you guessed it… District mailboxes!

So for as long as this silly rule stands, please keep the reports pouring in about the Burningham-Capitelli-Bacon-Nieto-Mullin slate flyers getting placed into your school mailboxes (and take pics!). And please DO NOT place our campaign flyers in mailboxes. Stand by the mailboxes and pass them out instead.

But way more importantly, we call on SDEA leadership to recant on this ridiculous rule. This is a rule SDEA invented a year ago to try to prevent a recall of incumbent leadership (click HERE for a recap), and has nothing to do with our regular internal elections. Our union obviously has some major problems with how our elections are run, but this is not and has never been one of them.

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