Rep Council 10/9/13: Ballots Arrive at Homes Starting Today!

The October Rep council meeting had a full agenda as usual. Here area a few things I want to highlight.

By Jenny Rivera, SDEA Board Member and Dailard AR

 It’s Election Time

Candidates for yet another rerun election turned in their declaration forms and were formally nominated. Candidates were able to give speeches, highlighting point of view. All speeches were well received.  If you haven’t yet, please download the Breakfast Club slate’s campaign flier and share with your colleagues:


 Be on the lookout for ballots to start arriving at your home starting today. Your AR/CR should have posted candidate fliers on your SDEA bulletin board, representing all of the candidates running. If this is not happening, speak up and ask about it.  Have a school voting party to get the vote out at your site. Remember, ballots are due at SDEA by Nov. 4, 5 p.m. Don’t miss out on the chance to have input into the direction our union board will take, in the all important bargaining months this spring.

Up for Ed Resolution

As a New Business Item, I presented a motion for approval on a resolution. I am very concerned about the attacks on public education and our schools, with corporate reformers at the heart of it.  Here in San Diego, these attacks on our profession and our schools are being fronted by the group Up for Ed (United Parents for Education). This group is an offshoot from the former San Diegans for Great Schools (SD4GS) that tried an end run around our democratically elected school board. SD4GS attempted to place an item on a recent citywide ballot to insert another four members onto the school board that were not elected, but appointed, and therefore not accountable to the voters. Fortunately, that initiative failed to make the ballot, but its backers, like Rod Dammeyer, have not stopped their efforts to undermine our public school system.

Up for Ed has targeted our schools that struggle with so many social issues. Many of these schools are in the Lincoln cluster. The current state law allows for parents, (read Up for Ed) to “trigger” the school into becoming a charter/corporately controlled, often for profit, school. Up for Ed is very active in the Lincoln cluster. Adding further to their disruptive agenda, Up for Ed wants to insert itself into our bargaining this spring. I don’t know about you, but that idea horrifies me!

In the resolution, I have called out our school board and Superintendent Cindy Marten, to actively work to keep such corporate reform groups out of our district. I have observed our elected board members stating their opposition to Up for Ed, but at the same time allowing and sometimes praising the group for involving itself in our schools.  All in attendance at Rep council, unanimously and loudly passed the resolution! Hurrah!

Our next steps are to take the resolution and present it at a school board meeting. Our voices must be heard at the district level that corporate reform has no place in our schools. Parents and teachers together will lead the way, not corporate reformers.

2 thoughts on “Rep Council 10/9/13: Ballots Arrive at Homes Starting Today!

  1. Union reps showed up today at our school for a contract input meeting.

    What a joke.

    They were 10 min. late, so showed up 25 min. after school was out and 10 min. after the contract day was OVER. We had easels already set up for input. They stuck their big notepad over it with their agenda, which consisted of them speechifying to us for 20 min. before any input from us on the contract. That means we would have to wait until after 3 pm to have a say in anything. *IF* they were on time. Knowing the union, I’m sure they’d go over their allotted time talking to us and talking to us. I’ve been down this road many times. Another teacher had to leave at 3pm. She stayed but I immediately got up and left. I told the site rep in the hallway that I didn’t need to listen to union stooges talk for 20 min after arriving 10 min. late and I wasn’t going to wait around until 3pm.

    How disrespectful. But I shouldn’t be surprised. After 3 pm. they’d have 2 teachers and the site rep left in that room. That’s their “democratic” input from “all” of the sites.

    Today’s e-mail from Freeman about the election made me gag.

    I am so sick of this bullshit.

    I hope the Breakfast Club sweeps the slate.

    I want my full 5% raise starting July 1. No delays and no splitting it up piecemeal. I want the WHOLE thing upfront and starting day one of the new contract.

    No more furlough days. Does any bargaining unit still have furlough days except for teachers? Every day restored and no furlough days EVER again.

    And I want a very generous Golden Handshake offered for anyone retiring in June of 2015. The senior teachers have sacrificed year after year after year and it is their turn for some payback.

    I don’t want any of this bargained away so that class sizes can be reduced and SDEA can then claim it’s a “victory”.

    And I want Bill Freeman GONE!

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