Meet the Fall Election Slate!

It’s campaign season again!

The first two SDEA Board meetings of this school year have keenly highlighted how important these elections are (updates HERE and HERE). For example, did you know that SDEA is currently negotiating with the District about how to spend $22 million in Common Core funds? Probably not, because SDEA didn’t do a single survey beforehand, and hasn’t posted a single bargaining update despite multiple sessions with the District. The Breakfast Club Board members voted as a block to get member input first, but lost 6-7. Making sure members are involved in union decisions that impact us before those decisions are made is exactly why we ran in the first place, and we’re guessing it’s why so many of you voted for us. Every single Board seat really counts.

So we’re excited to be officially launching our slate for the fall SDEA special election:

  • Nancy Dosick — SDEA Board Seat 4 (Elementary: Lincoln, Mission Bay, San Diego)
  • Shane Parmely — SDEA Board Seat 5 (Secondary: Lincoln, Mission Bay, San Diego)
  • Gloria Barrios-Andrade — CTA Seat 11 (Union-wide)
  • Peter Burrell — CTA Seat 12 (Union-wide)
  • Emily Neidhart — CTA Seat 15 (Union-wide)

If a few of these races are giving you déjà vu, that’s because the we already got Nancy and Emily successfully elected to these seats, but the previous SDEA Board overturned their victories. No matter — we’ll just get them elected again!


  • Download the campaign flier here: DOWNLOAD
  • Schedule a voting party at your school between Oct. 21 and Nov. 1 (if you vote towards the end of this period, you’ll have to hand-deliver the ballots)
  • Spread the word using our voting party flier template: DOWNLOAD
  • Spread the word to your friends at other schools
  • Make sure every single ballot is received at SDEA by 5 p.m. on Nov. 4

You can campaign in person, by making a union announcement after a staff meeting, during a union meeting, and via personal email. Remember, you can’t campaign for specific candidates using District email or mailboxes. But you can publicize a voting party that way, as long as you don’t advocate for a particular candidate.

Our reform caucus has swept every single seat in every single election for the past year, but the worst thing we can do is relax and just assume it will happen again. Keep an eye out for your ballot to land in your school mailbox in two weeks, and then let’s get voting!

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