5% Raise Effective July 1, 2013…


Guess who’s getting a 5% raise? (Hint: Not you.) At the September 3rd School Board meeting, the Board approved post-Prop. 30 salary restorations based on the language that the various employee unions bargained back in June 2012. Here is the breakdown:

  • CSEA: Nothing… because they never took any concessions in the first place.  (Nice!)
  • AASD: 5% raise retro to July 1.
  • SDEA: 2% raise retro to January 1, plus three furlough days restored.
  • Non-represented employees: Same as SDEA. That’s right. Not only did our union get the worst deal of all the unions, we got the same as the workers who aren’t even in a union at all.

Why are our principals getting a 5% raise while we get 2% and some days back (totaling 3.62%)? Because their union bargained better language.

Unlike SDEA, AASD did not agree to a pre-determined restoration formula. They bargained language allowing them to wait and see what actually happened, get input from their members instead of launching a take-it-or-leave-it ratification campaign, and then figure out how they wanted to restore their salaries. So while our raise goes back further, it is much smaller going forward, and will result in a far smaller lifetime earning increase. And instead of having furlough days come back before additional raises, our site administrators get to continue working fewer days while still making more money.

Our union used to set the wage and bargaining standards in the District. And we can again, if we vote for union leaders who will show the District a strong and united front like we did when we bargained our raises in the first place.

Note: For a full analysis of the SDUSD budget and the “necessity” of these union concessions after all, go HERE.

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