SDUSD Budget Analysis: Fact and Fiction

By Shane Parmely, CTA State Council Delegate

Now that we’ve had a chance to analyze the way the District’s 2012-2013 budget actually turned out and their current projections for the coming years, two things are abundantly clear:

  1. The District has the money to implement our FULL salary restorations right now — the full 2%, 2% and 3% raises, with all of our furlough days coming back. With Prop. 30’s passage, it’s not a question of whether they can afford it. It’s a question of whether they’d rather spend that money on other things.
  2. In fact, the District had the money to honor our contract and avoid layoffs last year as well, just as has always been the case.

But no one should take these statements at face value, from The Breakfast Club, from the District, from SDEA leaders and staff, or from anyone. We should all do our homework. So here’s our homework in downloadable form for all of you to look at, and then reach your own conclusions.

SDUSD Budget Analysis: Fact and Fiction — Power Point (Download)

SDUSD Budget Analysis: Fact and Fiction — PDF Link

If you conclude the same thing we did — that SDEA members haven’t been getting a fair shake from the District, and that it’s for that to change — then the first step is sharing this presentation with your fellow union members. The more educated we as union members are, the better we’ll be able to push our union in a strong direction, and make sure the District knows that we’re not going to fold at the table this time.

4 thoughts on “SDUSD Budget Analysis: Fact and Fiction

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