SDEA Election Update: Reruns and an Exciting Season Premiere…

By Shane Parmely, CTA State Council Delegate

SDEA Board member Barry Dancher of Mission Bay High School retired at the end of the 2013 school year.  While we are sad to lose him as a teacher and Board member, we are glad that he will be continuing to volunteer at MBHS and helping out with several clubs.  And… this means that an election will be held to fill his Board seat for the remainder of the year… and I will be running!

The election will be held concurrently with the re-running of the Spring Election.  Nancy Dosick (Golden Hill K-8) won her bid for SDEA Board Seat 4 over previous SDEA Vice President Marc Capitelli, and Emily Neidhart (Garfield High School) beat current SDEA Vice President Lindsay Burningham for CTA State Council Seat #15.  Both victories were overturned by last year’s SDEA Board because one teacher sent an email to colleagues (without the knowledge of the candidates) endorsing the Breakfast Club slate.

The election will probably be announced at the September 11 Rep. Council, which means candidate paperwork will be due by the October Rep. Council and the election should be held in November before we leave for Thanksgiving.  This essentially was the timeline last year when Claudia Weimer ran for and won SDEA Board Seat 4.

We will need your help (AGAIN!) to turn out the vote and get our slate elected.  Some of the SDEA Board members who voted to overturn the election results were already out campaigning for Burningham at the end of last school year, and using SDEA resources to do so.  This November, make sure you and your colleagues send a loud message about the direction of our union.

Let’s keep the Breakfast Club victory sweep going!

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