SDEA Board Member Scott Mullin Uses SDEA Resources to Campaign for VP Lindsay Burningham

After voting to overturn Emily Neidhart’s victory for CTA Seat #15, SDEA Board member Scott Mullin is now showing up at schools unannounced (and uninvited) to campaign for SDEA Vice President Lindsay Burningham.  Generally when staff or Board members visit a school site, they have been invited or they notify the AR or someone (anyone) on campus that they will be coming. That apparently was not the case when Mullin showed up at Hardy Elementary School on Wednesday morning.

He arrived after Hardy’s report time and approached a teacher on traffic duty, giving her his official SDEA business card (which apparently only some SDEA Board members have), and telling her to vote for Burningham (see images below).  He made himself a visitor’s badge and walked onto campus without identifying himself to the secretary or asking her to notify the AR that he was on campus.  There was an assembly that day and many parents were coming onto campus.

Here is Hardy teacher Mary Larson’s account of her interaction with Mullin on Wednesday:

“On Wednesday, June 19th around 7:35 in the morning, I was approached by Scott Mullin near Room 2.  He asked me if I was a teacher and then he introduced himself to me.  He then proceeded to hand me a card that said, ‘Vote for Lindsay Burningham.’  I refused to take the card and asked, ‘Are you campaigning on campus?’  He told me he had every right to do so and then asked me my name.  I replied, ‘I’m Mary Larson,’ and showed him my employee ID badge.  He was trying to intimidate me by writing my name on his clipboard.  He then quickly disappeared out of sight.  I went to the office to find out when he had arrived.  That was the end of the encounter.”

Under the auspices of being on SDEA business, Mullin walked around campus and asked adults if they were teachers.  He then gave them his SDEA business card and a campaign card for Burningham.  He also asked teachers for their personal email addresses, stating that it was for SDEA.  To say the least, he was not warmly received.  After news of his presence on campus spread, a small group of teachers began looking for him to discuss what he was doing, but he was nowhere to be found.  He didn’t even sign out at the office.

What makes this so disturbing is that the reason Mullin voted to overturn Neidhart’s victory was alleged inappropriate use of resources. (Remember, the SDEA Board voted to throw out the election because another teacher sent a District email about the campaign without Neidhart’s knowledge or consent). But now Mullin is inappropriately using union resources to campaign for Burningham, literally handing out his SDEA business card and Burningham’s campaign material at the same time, and asking members’ for their personal emails “for SDEA.”

Hardy is not the first school where SDEA Board members have shown up before school to campaign and claimed to be collecting members’ personal emails “for SDEA.” If a similar incident happens at your site, please email

If SDEA Board members won’t play by their own rules, it just means we have to campaign that much harder. The re-run elections for Neidhart and SDEA Board candidate Nancy Dosick (whose election was thrown out over the same email) will take place in the fall. Let’s be ready to hit the ground running!

P.S. Here are the documents Mullin was passing out in tandem at Hardy on Wednesday…

vote_lindsay1 mullen1

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