SDEA Board Adds Concession Cheerleaders to Bargaining Commission

By Shane Parmely, Twain CR and CTA Delegate-elect

Bargaining Commission Appointments

Twelve additional teachers were appointed to the Bargaining Commission.  None of them are Breakfast Clubbers.  SDEA VP Lindsay Burningham (EB Scripps Elem) and Board Member Elizabeth Algren (Morse HS) were part of the new batch of appointees.  Both women recently lost their reelection bids for their CTA and SDEA Board seats respectively.  Burningham was on the bargaining team that negotiated last summer’s concessions TA without member input, and over the past year she has repeatedly expressed a desire to get along with the district in the hopes that the district will be nice to us.  In Algren’s campaign speech at the May Rep. Council she said that as an SDEA Board member, she supported making wage concessions in exchange for layoff recalls last year.

SDEA Elections Committee Co-Chair Kandi Nieto was also appointed to the Bargaining Commission. While Nieto has not publicly stated a position regarding last summer’s Agreement or the issue of trading concessions for layoffs, she has been an active and public supporter of SDEA President Bill Freeman and the current SDEA leadership.

Election Challenge

Ousted incumbent Dennis Schamp filed an election challenge over Stephanie Marble’s win for SDEA Board Seat #8.  Schamp received only 14 votes in the initial election—less than one-third of the votes our candidate Stephanie Marble received as a write-in—and failed to make it into the run-off. Marble went on to win the run-off with 104 votes.

After Schamp left the room, Election Committee Co-Chair Kandi Nieto stated that even though Schamp cited the same email sent by Perkins teacher Carter Anderson that SDEA used to uphold Burningham and former SDEA VP Marc Capitelli’s challenges of their losses, that he didn’t receive it at his site, and that even though Schamp’s other evidence was serious that it would not have changed the outcome of the election.

Then a pretty entertaining bizarro world conversation ensued during which Manuel Gomez, Scott Mullin, Iris Anderson, and Nieto discussed the challenge. Of great concern was Nieto’s statement that the district wouldn’t furnish district email records to SDEA about the forwarding of the email that sparked the election challenge. I should certainly hope not!  And I find it inappropriate that our union thinks they have a right to work with our employer to monitor our email communications. Wow.

I found it particularly funny that the three people who had shouted in my and Michelle Sanchez’s faces and literally tried to pull papers out of our hands at the 2012 May Rep. Council were the most vocal in expressing their outrage and concern over the evidence submitted by Schamp.  (Click HERE for a recap of that experience at my very first Rep. Council.) The evidence Schamp submitted to support his challenge, by the way, was apparently our Breakfast Club blog posts during the recall campaign.

Ultimately the Board voted to support the Elections Committee recommendation to deny Schamp’s challenge because the cited evidence did not prove the outcome would have changed. That is correct – and calls into question the upheld Burningham and Capitelli challenges. The Elections Committee has refused to state how many of the teachers from Perkins (the recipients of the email in question) actually voted. Without that information, which the Elections Committee absolutely possesses, it is impossible know if the email changed the outcome or not.

La Jolla Cluster Waiver

SDEA members of the La Jolla Cluster requested a waiver for their entire Cluster of Section 12.2.6, which is the clause in our contract that provides seniority-based post and bid priority to excessed SDEA members.  The schools wanted to be able to interview and hire any teacher eligible to participate in post and bid, regardless of seniority.  After the La Jolla Cluster teachers explained the reasons they were requesting the waiver, their elementary Board member, Melissa Roy-Wood, made a motion to accept the waiver.  It did not receive a second and so the motion failed.

Pay Restoration, Retro Check, and Furlough Days

During Executive Director Tim Hill’s report, it was stated that at the June Rep. Council ARs and CRs will be receiving copies of a new salary schedule with our daily rate of pay showing a 2% increase for everyone and an additional 1% increase for members at Step 17.  We will also all be receiving retro checks for a 2% salary increase as of January 1, 2013.  (This was confirmed by SDUSD Board Member Richard Barrera during his accountability session last week.)

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