Rep Council Mini-Report: Challenged Elections Delayed till Fall

—By Emily Neidhart, CTA Delegate-elect

At the June 5 Rep. Council we finally got an update on the challenged SDEA Board seat won by Nancy Dosick against former SDEA VP Marc Capitelli, and the challenged CTA seat that I won against current SDEA VP Lindsay Burningham. Both of these seats were won by Breakfast Club members, but were challenged because of an email that was sent by a well-meaning rank and file SDEA member recommending us via District email, without our knowledge.

Nancy and I have both contacted CTA to challenge the challenge, and both were brushed off by CTA. Nancy was told her challenge was invalid because she did not provide the correct documents — but SDEA never gave her the documents, which was part of why she was challenging in the first place. (As Nancy has said, it is Kafka-esque.) I was told I didn’t contact the CTA President in time to file my challenge… but I did. I included him in the “cc” line of the election challenge email rather than the “to” line but somehow that doesn’t count as contacting him. I am not kidding about this.

At Rep. Council, after Election Committee Co-chairs Kandi Neito and Karen Ellsworth were given awards for their outstanding service,the Council was told that the challenge election to “redo” the fairly won elections will take place in September, once everyone returns from summer break. This was an interesting announcement, since neither Nancy nor I had been contacted about this as candidates. I was contacted only ONCE by Kandi Nieto since my election victory was overturned, back in March. She told me that my election was challenged without saying why, or what was going to happen next. The next I heard about it was June 5, along with everyone else.

In the meantime, it seems that SDEA’s current leadership has been kept in the loop. Teachers at multiple sites have emailed the Breakfast Club to let us know that current SDEA Board members have been coming out to their sites to campaign for Burningham (read a story from Hardy Elementary HERE). It’s clear that Burningham and Capitelli intend to take full advantage of the extra months of campaigning time now created by giving them a second shot at the election.

That’s fine. It just means that all of us need to do the same!

Note: The first Rep. Council of next year is Wednesday, September 12. Make sure your site is represented!

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