Laaaaaast Caaaaaall for the SDEA Election!

Have you voted yet? Have your friends and colleagues voted yet?

Ballots are DUE at the SDEA office by 5 P.M. Friday. That is NOT A POSTMARK DEADLINE. So if you haven’t mailed your ballot yet, DON’T. It needs to be physically walked into the office at this point at 10393 San Diego Mission Road, Suite 100 (right between Qualcomm Stadium and McGregor’s Bar and Grill).

Here’s a quick five-step checklist for the next couple of days to make sure we WIN:

  • VOTE. The Breakfast Club recommends Stephanie Marble for Board Seat Eight, and Shane Parmely and Michelle Sanchez for CTA Seats Four and Five.
  • EMAIL your friends. See below for a template email you can safely send from and to a email address. You CANNOT send your recommendations from your District email.
  • DOWNLOAD our campaign flyer HERE and share with your colleagues. You cannot put them in District mailboxes, but any other form of distribution is okay.
  • TALK to your friends and colleagues about the election. Word of mouth is always better than an email (this is why kids still need actual teachers, not just smarter gadgets).
  • DELIVER your colleagues’ ballots to the office if they haven’t mailed them yet. If you need help getting ballots to the SDEA office by Friday, reply to this email and we’ll help you get them there.

Taking these five simple steps can mean the difference in whether or not we have union leadership who will fight to protect our family healthcare, our jobs and our paychecks. Remember, the only reason Stephanie Marble is in the run-off in the first place is that she came up literally ONE HALF VOTE SHY according to SDEA’s (mathematically incorrect) vote count.

So yes, your one vote matters!



Subject Line: Have You Voted in the SDEA Election Run-off Yet?

Ballots for the current SDEA run-off election are due RECEIVED at the SDEA office by 5 p.m. on Friday, May 3rd.

If you haven’t voted yet, you can’t mail your ballot. It has to be physically delivered. But if you bring it to school, I will help you get it there. Stop by my room and bring your ballot any time between now and Friday, and let’s get out the vote at our school!

Turnout at our schools is absolutely decisive in these elections — one candidate made it into the run-off by ONE VOTE — so let’s make sure we all do our civic duty. 🙂

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