Explaining the Email Heard Round the World

The SDEA Board has now voted to overturn two Breakfast Club-endorsed candidates’ election victories because a non-candidate teacher used District email to recommend that other teachers at her school vote for the BC slate, without the candidate’s knowledge. The email was sent by Perkins K-8 teacher Carter Anderson, who was never notified by SDEA that her email has sparked at least two election challenges, and was never contacted by the SDEA Elections Committee as part of their required investigation of each election challenge — just one of many violations of our internal governance documents that SDEA has committed during this current election (see full list HERE).

Read below the letter that Anderson submitted to the SDEA Board about the matter. While the SDEA Board chose not to give weight to the letter in making their decision to overturn yet another one of our victories, we hope that future appellate bodies will make a different choice.

Wednesday, April 10

To Whom It May Concern:

I write in response to the election challenge(s) stemming from an email I sent to my staff prior to the elections. When I received an email about who was running, I sent it on to my staff.  I thought this was ok because SDEA had officially recognized them as candidates.  I had no idea that I could not use the email till Shane Parmely informed me.  During the voting window, people were still asking for advice on who they should consider voting for.  I don’t think anybody really read the email I had sent or saved it   At this time, I handed out flyers and talked to people in person. Breakfast Club members were not the only candidates being recommended at my school. Mr. Woods sat in the lunchroom and encouraged members to vote for non Breakfast Club candidates.  He also helped them fill out their ballots. This was pointed out to me by several teachers.  My response was that it was ok and that everyone had a right to choose and promote who they thought would do a good job.

After Shane informed me about the election challenge due to the email, I contacted the union.  I asked to talk to Bill but he was out till Monday.  So I talked to Raf and explained that I had no idea that I could not sent the email.  He said that since it was after the fact there was nothing to do.  He said that maybe I could call Kandi Nieto but that he did not have her number.  No one from the union has tried to contact me or ask me about the situation.

I am on Spring Break right now.  Please call my cell phone if you have any further questions.

Carter Anderson

Perkins K-8

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