Candidate Asks Why Her Election Was Overturned without Her Knowledge

Last week, the SDEA Board voted to overturn Breakfast Club-endorsed candidate Nancy Dosick’s victory on the SDEA Board (read the full report HERE). They upheld a challenge filed by former SDEA Vice President Marc Capitelli using the same email that they used to uphold current Vice President Lindsay Burningham’s challenge of Breakfast Club-endorsed candidate Emily Neidhart’s CTA seat victory: that a non-candidate teacher used District email to recommend that other teachers at her school vote for the BC slate, without the candidate’s knowledge. In Dosick’s case, she was not even notified that her victory was being challenged before the Board voted to uphold it — just one of many violations of our internal governance documents that SDEA has committed during this current election (see full list HERE).

Read below for the letter that Dosick sent to SDEA President Bill Freeman about the matter on Friday. (Note: Only the personal info — e.g. phone number, etc. — has been redacted). Nancy, and we, look forward to a rapid and just response from our union president.

April 12, 2013

Dear Bill,

Thank you very much for speaking with me yesterday.  I appreciate your interest and support in the matter of my election challenge.  For purposes of public communication, I’m cc’ing the SDEA executive board and election staff.

To be clear in our formal communication, I have never been contacted by SDEA personnel regarding the recent election challenge for Seat 4.  In fact, I learned about this from those in attendance at the SDEA board meeting on April 10th.  Referring to the SDEA challenge procedure and by-laws, communication was to be done within the 10-day post election period, by March 27th, and I should have received notification within the next 10-day period, by April 7th.  As such, I am troubled to have been left out of the loop, unaware of a meeting determining my election win. As a district employee and SDEA candidate, I provided contact information on the necessary form, yet I did not receive notification by the SDEA election chair. I am easily found these days: in the phone book, internet, SDUSD email.

Bill, yesterday you and I reviewed the challenge process by phone, and I am expecting to receive the specific documentation that serves as a basis for the election challenge. With respect, I do have concerns about the propriety of the challenge, and very much appreciate your assistance to resolve the issue and move ahead.  Importantly, I’ve entered the arena of SDEA governance with a deep sense of moral obligation and honest intentions. Together, we believe in the values of trust and ethical responsibility.

As such, it is unsettling to be confronted with something that I never did nor even know about. As union president, you are our vision and voice of SDEA; your leadership speaks volumes for our association and collective bargaining at-large. With transparency, collaboration and justice, I urge the SDEA board to re-evaluate the pending charges and withdraw support for the Seat 4 election challenge.

Bill, thank you very much.  I look forward to meeting with you soon.  Again, please have your staff forward (email) the pertaining documentation.

Very best regards,

Nancy Dosick

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