Rep. Council Approves Our Floor Motion to Fight for Our Raises This Year

— By Shane Parmely, Run-off Candidate for CTA State Council and Twain HS CR

This write-up of the March 20 SDEA Rep. Council is organized a little differently. This Rep. Council included several ways members can be involved and have our voices heard and those items are up top. The remainder of the post covers informational items.  (Note: The March Rep. Council was chaired by SDEA Vice President Lindsay Burningham. SDEA President Bill Freeman was not in attendance.)

Spring Organizing Campaign for Our Two Percent Raise

When the meeting was called to order, I asked that a New Business Item be included on the March Rep. Council agenda, and made a motion (seconded by Breakfast Club slate Board member-elect Peter Burrell) calling on SDEA to launch a spring organizing plan to have our first two percent raise realized this year. Prop. 30 has passed, we are not facing layoffs, and our union absolutely has time to hold our School Board accountable for their budget.  Already our “pro-union” School Board has fallen into a pattern of spending money on giving raises to administration, creating an expensive new position in Human Resources, and giving a raise to brand new Superintendent Cindy Marten.  If the District has this money now, why are they not restoring our pay?

In our new contract/summer TA, we were supposed to receive our first 2% raise as of January 2013. Clearly, that has yet to happen.  The motion Rep. Council passed requires “that SDEA implement a spring organizing campaign that includes accountability sessions with Board members to discuss pay restorations and other issues facing rank and file members.”  The motion passing is just the first step.  In order for it to work, we all need to participate.  And the first step is making sure SDEA actually follows through on the motion.  The next Rep. Council is in a week and a half, on April 17, and we look forward to a report on the plan that SDEA’s current leadership and staff have put together.

SDEA Bargaining Commission

Are you interested in participating in the bargaining process for our new contract?  If so, Executive Director Tim Hill directed members to contact him and SDEA President Bill Freeman to let them know you want to join the SDEA bargaining commission. Several dozen members will be selected to form a representative sample of our membership.  The bargaining commission will be responsible for helping the bargaining team set SDEA’s bargaining priorities.  Hill’s email is  Freeman’s email is

SDEA Budget Meetings

Do you want to know how SDEA spends your dues?  Do you want to have input on how those dues are spent in the future?  If so, attend one of the upcoming SDEA budget meetings on April 15 or April 24 at 4 p.m.  Also, look for an upcoming write-up of the budget meeting held shortly before Spring Break.

Professional Development Day to Offset a Furlough Day

Two days have been selected for the Professional Development day to offset a furlough day called for in our new contract/summer TA: June 13 for traditional schools and June 17 for year round schools.  The day will consist of a majority of common District-wide training (probably on Common Core or Powerschool), and two hours of site-selected content.  This topic generated quite a bit of discussion.  According to a substitute teacher who spoke, during the campaign for the TA ratification last summer, SDEA Vice President Lindsay Burningham told substitutes that they would be able to participate in the Professional Development day.  But now SDEA’s position is that substitutes are not in fact eligible.  The substitute stated that this was his deciding factoring on how to vote for the agreement, and was upset by Burningham’s back-peddling.  An AR from San Diego High School objected to SDEA’s designation of specific PD dates and content.  He pointed out that at previous Rep. Councils, SDEA’s position was that the contents and date of the PD would be site based, and that his school had already designed the PD and selected a day in May.  Burningham said the only recourse was to appeal to the Area Superintendent.  Another member wanted to know if the length of the PD will be our regular reporting day, or a full eight hours.  Burningham stated she was not sure, but that the pay would be equal to a full day’s pay.

CFO Stan “Data” Dobbs Apologizes to SDEA Members after Our Petition!

Burningham acknowledged that our grassroots petition, endorsed unanimously by the SDEA Rep. Council, had the impact that we wanted.  Dobbs apologized to SDEA members for his misrepresentation of teachers’ salaries in our District.  This is a good lesson for SDEA to re-learn: When we organize and put pressure on the District, we can make a change.

One thought on “Rep. Council Approves Our Floor Motion to Fight for Our Raises This Year

  1. June 17 is a Monday. That breaks up the four day weekend by requiring us to go to school on Monday, then having a Tuesday off. In so many words, IT’S STUPID!

    Dobbs hasn’t apologized to ME. He apologized to SDEA teachers, to union teachers. This is a slap in the face to all teacher who for one reason or another (BILL FREEMAN!) are NOT members of the union. He is ignoring them, like they don’t count for anything.

    Before you go pressuring the board about raises, you need to do your due diligence. Memories are short and if you don’t know your history you are doomed to repeat it. None of the current board knows when the last time teachers had a raise or the subsequent conditions under which we gave up or were passed over for raises because none of them were board members in 2006-2007.

    So I suggest SDEA do a little research into past contracts and learn when the last time everyone had a raise was. I’m not talking about step increases. I’m talking about those that have been on the top of the salary schedule. An actual across the board raise.

    Raises that were promised for 2008 were given up and promised in 2010. Raises for 2010 were given up and promised for 2012 with the added bonus of a pay CUT for furlough days for what was supposed to be only two years. Raises for 2012 were given away in 2012 (thank you you lying piece of excrement Bill Freeman) and the furlough days continued for a third year. And now, thanks to the weakest language possible the raises we were supposed to see with the passage of prop 30 are never going to happen. The “new and improved” contract will expire and we won’t see a penny. Not even in back pay.

    No raises for seven years and pay CUTS for three, possibly four years. I hear the furlough days will continue through 2013-2014.

    So yes, the union better damn well do their homework and have plenty of facts to support the position that we are well overdue for raises and the furlough days must stop as of June 2013. NO more furlough days, and all of our raises must be reinstated on schedule according to the contract. That includes that 1% for those at the top of the salary schedule starting July 1 2013.

    All of it.

    We have been more than generous. We have been more than patient.

    The administrators got raises, the clerical NEVER had furlough days, the new inexperienced superintendent gets a raise right out the gate plus a 7%+ raise of the next four years. She got OUR raise!

    It’s OUR TURN NOW.

    Get my raises back and get rid of Bill Freeman and I’d be happy to rejoin the union. Show me you’re representing ME after the 35 years I’ve worked for you.

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