Breakfast Club Candidates Sweep The Election!!

Run off election for CTA seats 4 and 5, and Board of Directors Seat 8!!

Final vote counts have been released for the 2013 Spring Election and BC slate candidates were the top vote earners in EVERY SEAT!!!  This would not have been possible without the hundreds of SDEA members that helped get out the vote with their colleagues.  (Next time, let’s try to make it thousands!)
In order to win the election, a candidate must earn a majority of the votes which is at least 50% +1 of the total legal votes cast.  If a candidate does not win by this majority, a run off election is held between the two top vote earners.
All of our candidates on the ballot for SDEA Board seats won!  Nancy DosickJenny RiveraTeem Osborn, and Peter Burrell all won their Board seats with a clear majority vote.  This is a HUGE victory for our “strong union” platform as these new Board members will be responsible for guiding our union as we negotiate our next contract.

Write-in candidate Stephanie Marble garnered the most votes (totally unheard of for a write-in candidate!) but missed winning by majority by .5 votes.  That’s right… half a vote.  (Have we mentioned lately how every vote counts?  Cuz it does!!!)  You may notice that in the race for Stephanie’s seat,10 ballots were deemed illegal… if you wrote in Stephanie’s name, but you didn’t fill in the corresponding bubble for the write-in candidate, then your vote was not counted.  Hosting a voting party can help prevent these types of errors from invalidating a vote.  So if you are at a secondary school in Area 3, make sure you schedule a new voting party so that everyone gets their ballot filled out correctly for Stephanie Marble!

Garfield High School AR (and GHS Teacher of the Year!) Emily Neidhart beat SDEA Vice President Lindsey Burningham for CTA Seat #15!  Wow.

Michelle Sanchez and I, Shane Parmely, will also need your support (and votes!) as we head into the run-off election.

Congratulations to all the Breakfast Clubbers who helped our candidates win!  And stay tuned for the next round of elections!  🙂
— By Shane Parmely, Twain HS CR and Candidate for CTA Seat #4

One thought on “Breakfast Club Candidates Sweep The Election!!

  1. I hope that sends a very clear message to the SDEA elite.

    Now as soon as you get rid of Bill Freeman and his fascist henchmen, I’ll be glad to rejoin SDEA.

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