SDUSD Board Approves 7.8% Raise!

…for new Superintendent Cindy Marten (link HERE).

Marten will start at $255,000 per year, scaling up to $275,000 in four years.

Oh… Did you think we meant a raise for us?  Ha!  Teachers: ever the optimists.

4 thoughts on “SDUSD Board Approves 7.8% Raise!

  1. I think these raises that these Central Office administrators are receiving are disgusting and shameful. On Sunday, 3/10/13 the Union-Tribune reported that Deputy General Counsel received a $60,000 raise. Stan Dobbs (Mr. “teachers make $92,000”) makes a base salary lf $173,000 – 12% higher than the person who had that position. Today I received word from my principal
    that I am in excess from my school because the District is raising class size to 24-27 students per class (K-3). We are constantly beat over the head with how much the District spends on “teacher” salaries…what about administrator salaries????
    Before the election and passing of Prop 30, all we heard was that the District needed this extra money to help solve its budget problems, yet what do they do with the money, but give exorbitant raises.

    • Did you vote for the new sucky contract thinking you were going to save your job?

      Did you vote for Bill Freeman?

      Told you so.

  2. Our contract expires in June of 2014.

    Every teacher should be prepared to walk out if there is no new contract the restores the raises Bill Freeman GAVE AWAY. Those raises have been owed since 2007. That’s right it will be 7 years since we have had a raise when our contract expires.

    Because you will NOT see those raises under the current “sucks to be you” contract Bill Freeman tricked you into approving. (Those of you that bothered to vote).

    We will not get them retroactively.

    The district can continue the furlough days too.

    Our current contract doesn’t guarantee diddly squat. Those pink slips will come back in spring of 2014 too. Gearing up for the contract negotiations where they are going to take back everything in sight and attempt to roll back our salaries.

    And they are raising the class sizes. After teachers gave up their raises year after year after year, what do we have to show for it? NOTHING. Because they are raising class sizes, there are no raises and they are about to take back EVEN MORE of our healthcare.

    Dobbs’ job is to lay the groundwork for the 2014 contract negotiations. And you better beware if Bill Freeman is in charge. He’ll give the district everything they want and in the weakest language possible, then turn around and try to convince you what a great deal it is and “you should be happy you have a job.”.

    No more.

    You better start saving now (yeah, right) and prepare. Because if we don’t have the entire teacher work force on strike for at least a week in 2014, we will never see those raises.

    In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill Freeman LOWERS our pay across the board so that we’re working the 184 restored school year but still at the furlough days rate. Yes, that a$$hat is absolutely capable of continuing to stab teachers in the back. Only it won’t just be the senior teachers this time. He’ll make sure everyone is gutted, filleted and salted. Yeah, plenty of salt for all those wounds.

    Don’t look to SDEA for the cure. They are the cause.

  3. I was a teacher who received a layoff notice last year and I DID NOT vote for the TA last year. I felt that SDEA gave in to the District too quickly. They never could have opened school with 1500 fewer teachers and they KNEw it. I agree…SDEA is the cause! What are they even saying/doing about the fact that the District is raising class sizes?? NADA!!!!

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