2013 — New Year, Old Challenges, New Opportunities

Happy 2013! The next few months are a big deal for our union, our District, our jobs, and our paychecks.

Here are the highlights since we last posted:

  • There is good news from the state, with $2.7 billion in funding coming to public education. Districts all over California are restoring employee concessions and taking layoffs off the table for the first time in years.
  • But… OUR District is STILL contemplating layoffs. Seriously.
  • SDEA is holding a series of accountability sessions with School Board members to get them to vote against layoffs, and also stop the many Unfair Labor Practices the District is committing against our union (despite all of SDEA’s new collaborative efforts with the District…). So far, only Foster has said she’ll oppose layoffs, with Barnett and Evans (whom SDEA just endorsed) refusing to commit. The Board needs three votes to issue layoffs. To read full reports of SDEA’s accountability sessions click the link for each Board member’s name:
  • School Board members are telling us that the District will be using Prop. 30 funds to restore raises and furlough days, as was bargained last summer. This is good news. But it seems fair to worry that just like last year, they are getting ready to issue layoffs they know they don’t need in order to ONCE AGAIN get us to give up our raises. Remember, they were budgeting to honor our raises last spring, and said that’s why they had to issue layoffs in the first place.
  • The good news is that SDEA members have a great opportunity in March to elect new SDEA Board members who will show the District a strong, united voice in protection of our jobs and our paychecks this spring and beyond. This year does NOT have to be like last year. Six SDEA Board seats are up for election. In the next two months, we’ll be communicating with you about ways to get involved.

What two things can we all do right now?

  1. Go to the last two School Board accountability sessions with Barrera and Beiser. We’ll let you know when they are as soon as we know.
  2. Make sure that your AR and CR attend the SDEA Rep. Council this Wednesday. In addition to the state budget, the agenda includes a final vote on changes to our SDEA Bylaws that target the elected SDEA Secretary (and no other SDEA officer) — a Secretary who has been outspoken when she disagrees with the direction of the SDEA Board. Our union’s leadership should not be contemplating permanent changes to our governance documents based on a political disagreement. So let’s show up and vote.

Welcome back, and we’ll be in touch soon!

— The Breakfast Club

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