Join the Conversation about Teach for America in San Diego

Yesterday we wrote about the School Board’s decision to earmark 25 teaching positions for uncredentialed Teach to America (TFA) new hires next year — read it HERE.

This weekend the Union-Tribune published an article about TFA. We’re letting San Diego know how we feel in the comments section — come join us by posting your own thoughts.

Read and respond here: “Teach for America” aimed at San Diego 

For North County residents: “Teach for America” aimed at San Diego

Even more worrisome than the TFA program itself is how it got here. You can see video of SDEA President Bill Freeman, SDEA Secretary Michelle Sanchez, and Garfield/Twain CR Shane Parmely (whose speech is quoted in the U-T article) protesting the Board’s decision. Click HERE to view their comments. Yet all five SDEA School Board members (each of whom has been endorsed by our union at one point) voted to approve the TFA contract, over SDEA’s vigorous protest.

It could not be more clear that our School Board no longer has any respect for our union. Let’s not wait for SDEA’s leadership to change that dynamic — as union members, let’s change it ourselves. If you want to make sure your School Board members know how you feel, attend one of SDEA’s School Board member “accountability” sessions that are taking place tomorrow.

  • Board member John Lee Evans — 4 p.m. — University City High School
  • Board member Marne Foster — 4:30 p.m. — Millennial Tech Middle School

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