SDUSD Budgeting for NO Raise/Furlough Reinstatements, PLUS Possible Layoffs

According to the preliminary 2013-2014 budget reviewed at last Tuesday’s School Board meeting, even with the passage of Prop. 30 that so many of us fought so hard for, the School Board is set to adopt a budget for next year that includes:

  • NONE of our 7.16% raise being reinstated this year OR next year.
  • That includes NO raise effective this January (because zero is technically “up to 2%”).
  • NO furlough days being reinstated this year or next year.
  • An $80 million dollar budget HOLE for next year, that may be filled by Prop. 30.
  • Filling the “hole” with up to $55 MILLION IN LAYOFFS if revenues fall short.
  • The only piece of good news is that the 1% raise this July for Step 17 is included (although they’ll probably say they can avoid layoffs entirely only if we agree to “defer” that one too).
SDUSD Budget Slide 1

SDUSD Projected Short Fall 2013-14

Budget slide 2

SDUSD Budget Solution

Click slides for full view.

During the discussion of the budget, several School Board members acknowledged that this budget reflects a worst-case scenario, and that Prop. 30 funds should offset most of the projected budget gap. But even with extra money coming in, they’re stating all it will do is offset the need for layoffs. Even in a “best case scenario” the School Board is clearly planning to budget for no raise or furlough reinstatements for another year and half.

This information comes straight from the School Board’s own publicly accessible “Board Docs” website. Scroll to the bottom for a detailed set of instructions for how to find this information yourself. You can also watch the video of the Board meeting HERE.

Enough is enough. Prop. 30’s passage means it’s time for SDUSD to stop crying poverty and honor the raises they bargained with us. We are sick and tired of the District bargaining one thing with our union, but then planning to do something else.

If we want to see one extra cent, we need to act RIGHT NOW. We can’t wait around for someone in the SDEA office to tell us it’s time to hold the School Board accountable for their promises to us. WE ALL ARE SDEA, AND THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW.

Here’s what we can all do to demand that the District honor our contract:

  1. Plan to show up at the School Board meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012, when the Board will vote to adopt this as their 2013-2014 budget. Wear red!
  2. Bring as many people from your school as you can.
  3. If you’re feeling brave, sign up to speak to the School Board. Click HERE to get to the Board meeting calendar, then click the Dec. 11 meeting date to sign up. We have talking points available HERE.
  4. Copy and paste the contents of this blog post and forward it to as many people as you can. We have 1,000+ SDEA members on our email list, which is great! But it still means for every one of you receiving this information, six SDEA members are not, and are only hearing the “official” information that SDEA and SDUSD want to share right now.
  5. Contact your SDUSD Board member. Go HERE to find out who your School Board member is and how to contact them. Every single one of them has been endorsed by SDEA, and we JUST campaigned for John Lee Evans. If you’re in Shelia Jackson’s Board area, contact newly elected Marne Foster instead. She will be sworn in before Dec. 11, and has yet to learn the other Board members’ bad habits of forgetting the fact that teachers help get them elected. Contact Foster HERE.
  6. What are our demands? Commit to pass a budget that shows NO LAYOFFS, and the FULL 2% RAISE staring on January 1, and the remaining raises next year. They know money is coming and they need to do the right thing.
  7. And if you’re not yet on the email list, copy and paste this link into your browser to sign up:

Let’s remind SDUSD how strong our union really is. We’ll see you on Dec. 11!


P.S. Here is how you can verify the information above for yourself:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the purple “Board of Education” tab.
  3. On the left, click “Board Meeting Actions”.
  4. On the left, click “Board Docs”.
  5. Click “Enter Public Site”.
  6. Click the “Meetings” tab, then on the left click “2012”.
  7. On the left, click the “Nov 27, 2012 (Tue)” link for the “REVISED Regular Meeting, 5:00 P.M.”.
  8. Click “View the Agenda”.
  9. On the left, scroll down to Letter I for “District Operations”, then click the second item, “2012-2013 Budget Update”.
  10. Scroll down to the bottom to download the “Update of First Interim Report Presentation, 11-27-12” — available as either a PowerPoint or PDF.
  11. Look at page 9 to see that only the 1% raise is included, and page 11 to see the $55 million in human cuts (e.g. layoffs).

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