SDUSD Board Report: Union Members Demand End to Unfair Labor Practices

Thank you to all the SDEA Breakfast Clubbers who came out to support SDEA’s School Board action this past Tuesday. It was great seeing so many familiar faces. In fact, we formed half of the contingent of members who attended. We’re not union dissidents — we ARE the union, and we’re proud of it.

In Tuesday’s Board action, a delegation of us presented a petition protesting SDUSD’s disturbing ULPs (Unfair Labor Practices) that have been filed against the District by our union. This is the most ULPs that have been filed against the District in many years, if ever (read this blog post HERE explaining how SDEA’s new “collaborative” stance toward the District has worsened these practices).

Some of the most egregious offenses by our District include:

  • Not honoring the Nurse and Counselor staffing ratios.
  • Not honoring the secondary class size caps.
  • Requiring new teachers to actually PAY for BTSA (instead of getting paid like we used to).

In protest of these illegal behaviors, we presented the School Board with a red banner signed by many SDEA ARs and CRs demanding that the District respect our contract.We are waiting to hear about the next steps SDEA will take to fight these unfair, unsafe, and belittling practices, and we should all plan to participate. The presentation of the poster petition was a step in the right direction, but not enough all by itself… And it is our hope that the SDEA leadership will be as vigilant in demanding that the District honor our contract when it comes to Pink Slip Season this spring!

— by Emily Neidhart, Garfield High School AR

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