November Rep. Council: No Raise till July 1, 2014?

The Highlights:

  • SDEA Executive Director Tim Hill reviewed the implications of Prop. 30’s passage for our union contract. We may see no raise at all until July 1, 2014. (See details below.)
  • Former SDEA President Terry Pesta attempted to remove the member Q&A section from the Rep. Council minutes; Twain AR Kevin Archer successfully had it included as an attachment.
  • Led by SDEA Board member Erin Kole, more than half an hour was spent line-by-line revising the October Rep. Council minutes to remove information. (See details below.)
  • ARs volunteered to deliver a “Respect Our Contract” petition to the SDUSD School Board in response to the District’s recent unfair labor practices toward our union. (This petition is made more important by the recent court ruling stating that SDEA’s contract language about nurse and counselor staffing ratios cannot go to arbitration or be enforced.)

The Lowdown on Prop. 30 and our Paychecks
— by Emily Neidhart, Garfield High School AR
SDEA Executive Director Tim Hill reviewed a PowerPoint presentation about how the Prop. 30 tax revenue will begin to fill in the gap between where spending per student should be, and where it currently is. This is, of course, great news. The full text of the PowerPoint was in the Rep. Council packet, so ask your AR to review it at a union meeting if he or she hasn’t already.

The picture painted during Hill’s presentation seemed to be both rosy and worrisome. Hill said, “There should be no reason for the District to issue pink slips this year.” Please screen snip that quote, for future reference. We all hope that Hill’s assessment is absolutely true! We would love it if not one teacher is pink slipped this year. But again, we know that we cannot trust the District. We know that the District uses the pink slips as leverage to open our contract when it’s closed. We know that this current SDEA Board caves to the will of the District. And we know that the District has its eye greedily on our healthcare.

When pressed on the issues, Hill responded that he cannot accurately guess what the District will do in the future. And please remember, that there is nothing in the language of the TA (aka Our New Contract) that says pink slips will not happen this year or next year.

As for the reinstatement of our pay, the news sounded good until folks started asking pointed questions. In the end, this was what Hill confirmed:

  • SDEA members get 57% of the incoming Prop. 30 funds towards reinstating our pay cuts and furlough days.
  • There will likely not be any “January raise” in January. The first 2% pay restoration will occur once the money comes in. When is that? Between January 1, 2013 and July 1, 2014. When it does come in, the first raise will be retroactive to January 1, 2013. So while the raise will be “effective” January 1, 2013, that doesn’t mean we’ll actually get a raise in January.
  • Next, the furlough days for this year and/or next year will be restored as money comes in. When is that? Between January 1, 2013 and July 1, 2014.
  • There will be a 1% raise for the top step on July 1, 2013.
  • Finally, the remainder of our 7.16% pay increase will be reinstated. When is that? Between January 1, 2013 and July 1, 2014.
  • It is possible that by July 1, 2014 we will have seen no raise reinstatements and no furlough day reinstatements.
  • What does this all mean? Unless we’re on Step 17, under our new contract we may not see a single raise for a year and a half.

This also has some worrisome long-term implications. Since our new contract expires June 30, 2014, if we haven’t gotten any raises or furlough days back yet, then the full 7.16% raise and the 2.7% furlough reinstatement will all happen at once on July 1, 2014. That’s a 10% raise on July 1, 2014! That sounds great… but that’s not what SDEA was saying when they were trying to get us to vote for the TA, which makes us wonder if that’s what the District thinks they bargained with us. And if we’re due in for the full 10% pay increase all at once on July 1, 2014, just as we go into bargaining our next contract, does anyone really think there won’t be massive layoffs NEXT spring no matter what happens this year? We need to all start preparing for a BIG fight if we expect to see one extra cent from SDUSD, and we need to make sure SDEA leadership intends to do exactly that: FIGHT, not fold.

“Respect” Replaced by “Robert’s Rules”
— by Dan Knight, Clairemont High School CR
I’m a long time member of SDEA. I was a picket captain during the strike, and have been an AR and CR several times through the years, so I’ve been to plenty of union meetings and know what good ones look like. You know, the ones where all members’ concerns are listened to in earnest by the Board and if not always acted on, at least given respect.

In my opinion, that respect has been misplaced somewhere. What I have seen this year and last, is an attempt by the current SDEA Board to hide behind Robert’s Rules of Order. We all received a copy of Robert’s Rules “cheat sheet” on our way in the door at last Wednesday’s Rep. Council meeting. This Board seems to be far more concerned with how a business meeting should be run than by what the true concerns of its members are.

I believe that the paramount reason we belong to a union is to ensure wage increases and good working conditions. In order to do that, the union leadership needs to hear out the concerns of all and they should be duly noted within the minutes of the meeting.

So it was with great amusement at the last meeting that it took almost 40 minutes to approve the minutes from the previous meeting because some people actually wanted to strike concerns brought up by members in the previous meeting. This attempt to sanitize, revise, and whitewash what is actually occurring at the meeting is ridiculous and unethical. It just doesn’t make good old common sense.

At the first Rep. Council meeting in September we all saw a PowerPoint slide that said that they realized we didn’t all vote for the new contract and that we needed to respect and listen to those that did not. You’ll have to excuse me, but I’m not feeling the respect. Instead of being listened to, there is an attempt to mute us through Robert’s Rules of Order.

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