Bylaws Committee for SDEA Insiders Only?

I had an interesting conversation with SDEA Board member Iris Anderson after SDEA’s November Rep. Council.  Iris Anderson was the Board member who gave the Bylaws Committee report at the October Rep. Council, and told Rep. Council there would be no further meetings until after the November election. Now that it’s over, I asked her when the next Bylaws Committee meeting would take place.

Her response surprised me. She simply said “No.” I was confused by her response since I asked for a date, not a yes or no response. She then told me that she did not want “Breakfast Clubbers” there at the meeting.

I reminded Anderson, that we as “Breakfast Clubbers” are SDEA members first and foremost several times.

She went on to explain that I and other “Breakfast Clubbers” are not welcomed because of what is written on our blog. I reiterated to her that I was asking for the date of the Bylaws Committee and that by refusing to give me the date, she was refusing SDEA members the right to observe an open SDEA committee meeting. She stated that was not what she was doing. I asked her to clarify what she meant by denying members the date of the meeting. She continued to refuse to give me the date.

This is a clear and undemocratic abuse of power. An elected SDEA Board member has no right to deny any SDEA member access to information that belongs to the SDEA members.

I have raised the issue with SDEA President Bill Freeman and SDEA Executive Director Tim Hill, and have yet to receive a response. I will raise it again at the SDEA Board meeting on Wednesday, November 5th, and will request that all SDEA committees be listed on our website and that their meeting times be posted in advance on the SDEA website calendar.

Once I find out when the Bylaws Committee meeting is, I will share it publicly, and encourage all of you to attend. Our Bylaws belong to all of us, not to a handful of SDEA Board insiders. Let’s make sure they remember that.

— by Michelle Sanchez, Garfield HS and SDEA Board Secretary

One thought on “Bylaws Committee for SDEA Insiders Only?

  1. Thank you very much for this insightful article Ms Sanchez. It is interesting to know that one of SDEA’s board members is withholding valuable information from its members. It leads one to wonder what other information is being held back. Maybe we need to start a petition like the one presented to the school board the other night. It could say, ‘Respect Your Members’ and signed by all who feel disrespected by the board. SDEA needs to model its own best practices to maintain integrity. Without trust among its members, it might as well not be a union at all.

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