Cast one more vote for the fate of our union!

This Thursday, Nov. 15 is a HUGE day for our union. It is the deadline to submit recall petition signatures, AND it is the deadline for elementary/K-8 members in Lincoln, Mission Bay, and San Diego Clusters to vote for Claudia Weimer for SDEA Board.

RECALL: It’s Now or Never!

The hard deadline for us to submit recall signatures is Thursday, Nov. 15. That means we really need your signatures by Wednesday, Nov. 14. Here are opportunities to drop them off:

  • TOMORROW, Saturday, Nov. 10 — 9:15-10:15 am
  • Tuesday, Nov. 13 — 2:45-4:30 pm
  • Wednesday, Nov. 14 — 4:15-6:15 pm

The Saturday and Tuesday drop-offs are at the Mission Valley IHOP (2169 Fenton Parkway #108 San Diego, CA 92108).

The Wednesday drop-off will be at the monthly SDEA Rep. Council meeting (10393 San Diego Mission Rd., Suite 100). If you’re dropping off at Rep. Council, make sure you turn them in ONLY to Garfield/Twain CR Shane Parmely, NOT anyone from SDEA staff and NOT anyone else from SDEA leadership. If you’ve never been to Rep. Council, be prepared for a very large crowd. Shane will be in a red SDEA t-shirt. Here’s a link to a photo so you know who you’re looking for:

VOTE Claudia Weimer for SDEA Board Seat 4

As we’ve all learned the hard way, it REALLY MATTERS who sits on our SDEA Board.

Claudia Weimer is running for SDEA Board Seat Four. She is committed to being open and honest with us, and to fighting as hard as she can to stop layoffs while protecting our healthcare and wages. Members at elementary and K-8 schools in the Lincoln, Mission Bay, and San Diego Clusters are eligible to vote for Claudia.

Ballots for Claudia are DUE BY 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 15, and must be RECEIVED at the SDEA office, not just postmarked. Tuesday, Nov. 12 is the last day ballots should be put in the US mail. After that, you should physically walk your ballot in to the SDEA office, including the day/evening of Rep. Council on Wednesday, Nov. 14.

And If You’re Just Catching Up…

Here is a link to our most recent blog post:

Prop. 30 Passage a Victory — But SDEA, SDUSD Already Talking Doom and Gloom

We’ll be in touch with more updates soon!

2 thoughts on “Cast one more vote for the fate of our union!

  1. Nice.

    Well, the petition is sitting on my desk.

    I missed the Wed. deadline.

    I can certainly drop it off on Thursday anywhere it needs to be.

    But you haven’t given that information.

    Will it do any good to drop it off at SDEA? It will only have one signature. Mine. But one may be just what it takes.

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