Prop. 30 Passage a VICTORY — But SDEA, SDUSD Already Talking Doom and Gloom

Today should be a day of celebration. We all deserve to feel a real sense of accomplishment and relief over the passage of Prop. 30, which would have shaved another three weeks off our school year and 8% off of our paychecks. Many of us worked hard talking with friends and family and walking precincts or phone banking to help pass Prop. 30 and defeat Prop. 32. This is proof that organizing matters and makes the difference!

But here is how School Board President John Lee Evans and SDEA President Bill Freeman are already talking about a post-Prop. 30 world: Education Leaders Warn: Prop. 30 Is No Schools Cure-All. Read it for yourself and decide what you think is coming. We deserve better leadership than this!

Over the next week, you have another chance to organize and make a difference — a crucial difference in our union.  A group of ARs has sent these same contents out as an email to as many members as we could before we hit the new SDEA-endorsed District email filters, because despite our important victory in passing Prop 30, a serious threat to our health care and pay remains, and we can and must deal with it immediately.

Let’s do an honest assessment. What does last night’s of Prop. 30 mean for the future of our union?


  • Prop. 30 keeps funding flat this year. It does not increase funding this year, and next year remains unknown.
  • The District says they will still have a deficit of tens of millions of dollars next year even with Prop. 30.
  • Our new contract DOES NOT have a “no layoff” clause. Pink Slip Season” is still coming!
  • VEBA just changed the way it calculates healthcare costs to a rate that differentiates between singles, couples, and families. This positions the District to come after the end of fully paid family healthcare.
  • We are going into bargaining next school year (unless SDEA decides again to open our contract early to make concessions, in which case we’ll be in “surprise” bargaining again this spring).
  • SDUSD will fill their deficit for next year the same way they always do, by threatening layoffs and seeking concessions, and our union leadership will cave again.

We need union leaders who will FIGHT to protect our contract and FIGHT back layoffs. We need union leaders who understand that Prop. 30’s passage gives us the ability to regain ground, not give more up.


We are more than 1,000 signatures strong, but the deadline is Nov. 15 and we need you.

  1. Copy and paste this link into your browser to download the recall petitions YOUR SITE can sign:
  2. Collect as many signatures as you can, as soon as you can. Make sure you sign the bottom.
  3. What recall petitions can your school sign?
    • President Bill Freeman: All schools in all Clusters
    • Treasurer Manuel Gomez: All schools in all Clusters
    • Eleanor Evans: All schools in Point Loma, San Diego, Mission Bay Clusters
    • Erin Kole: Secondary schools in Mira Mesa, Madison, Scripps, Serra, La Jolla, UC Clusters
    • Scott Mullin: All schools in Hoover, Crawford, Morse Clusters
    • Dennis Schamp: Secondary schools in Point Loma, Kearny, Clairemont, Henry Clusters
  4. Return the signatures NO LATER than Nov. 14 to the Breakfast Club. Email for return instructions, or sign up for our email list.

Let us know if you have any questions, would like some help, or just want to talk. We have nothing to lose and a great deal to gain by doing this work together.

3 thoughts on “Prop. 30 Passage a VICTORY — But SDEA, SDUSD Already Talking Doom and Gloom

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  2. Oh. Well, that leaves me out.

    When Bill Freeman was re-elected and then shafted me and the other senior teachers by reopening the contract and giving our retirement away, I did what many other senior teachers did.

    After 34 years of union membership, I became a fee payer.

    Let me know when Bill and Company are gone. When SDEA has new leadership, I will sign up to be a union member again.

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