Vote Claudia Weimer for SDEA Board Seat Four!

What does Claudia Weimer believe in? Why is she the right choice for us?

Claudia Weimer believes that a strong union is a united union, and that solidarity is achieved by listening to and respecting all members’ voices, not just the ones she agrees with. Claudia knows that many members currently feel disenfranchised with SDEA, and she wants to reunite our union by making sure that all member voices are heard and valued by our union leadership. Claudia understands that SDEA Board members are elected by and accountable to their constituents, and is committed to listening to the people who elect her and making sure that their concerns are addressed.

If we elect Claudia Weimer to the SDEA Board, she will fight to protect our fully paid family health care benefits, and fight back any further cuts to our salaries. She will also make sure that SDEA will organize to fight back every single layoff while keeping SDEA united.

Claudia Weimer is a proven leader and organizer. She has been an SDEA member for 25 years and understands what it means to be a part of a strong union. She has been an AR and CR at Bayview Terrace Elementary School for the last 8 years. She helped prevent the closure or consolidation of four of the six schools in the Mission Bay Cluster last year. She has also helped to strengthen our SDEA contract by organizing Bayview Terrace to win a precedent setting site-wide 5-year evaluation grievance. Claudia has also served as a delegate on the national level at the NEA-RA.

Claudia Weimer wants to make sure the elementary teachers of the Lincoln, Mission Bay, and San Diego Clusters are represented by a leader who will listen to them, who will voice her opinions as a Board member, and who will consider it an honor if she is given the privilege to serve them on the SDEA Board.

Vote for Claudia Weimer for Board Seat Four.

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