Posted in November 2012

Searching for Answers

— by Carol Shamrock, La Jolla High School Like many, I hoped at the very least to have my pay reinstated this year, after the two years of salary cuts we took based on the 2010 contract in the form of furlough days, which is what we fairly bargained in 2010. Over the last few … Continue reading

November Rep. Council: No Raise till July 1, 2014?

The Highlights: SDEA Executive Director Tim Hill reviewed the implications of Prop. 30’s passage for our union contract. We may see no raise at all until July 1, 2014. (See details below.) Former SDEA President Terry Pesta attempted to remove the member Q&A section from the Rep. Council minutes; Twain AR Kevin Archer successfully had … Continue reading

SDEA Denies Schamp Recall Petition

The SDEA Election Committee has not certified the petition submitted by a group of teachers to recall SDEA Board member Dennis Schamp. According the to the Committee, 149 of the 158 signatures submitted were valid, and 161 were required to trigger a recall vote. According to Committee Co-Chair Kandi Nieto, they used the SDEA membership … Continue reading

Bylaws Committee for SDEA Insiders Only?

I had an interesting conversation with SDEA Board member Iris Anderson after SDEA’s November Rep. Council.  Iris Anderson was the Board member who gave the Bylaws Committee report at the October Rep. Council, and told Rep. Council there would be no further meetings until after the November election. Now that it’s over, I asked her … Continue reading

Claudia Weimer WINS SDEA Board Seat 4; Susan Legler in Run-off for CTA State Council with Lindsay Burningham

WE HAVE GREAT NEWS TONIGHT!!! Claudia Weimer — Bayview Terrace Elementary School teacher and Breakfast Club endorsed candidate — won the election for SDEA Board Seat Four! YES!!! Claudia is committed to making sure that our union’s decision-making process is transparent and democratic. She is also committed to protecting our contract while simultaneously fighting back … Continue reading

No Furloughs for Bill Freeman

With all the talk of “shared sacrifice” and doing our part, one would think this rhetoric should reach all the way to the top in SDUSD… It finally did, though later than it should have. But now even the Superintendent and other certificated big wigs at the Ed. Center ended up taking the same deal … Continue reading