Vote YES on Prop 30, NO on Prop 38

In a previous article, I encouraged everyone to vote yes on both Prop 30 and 38, the two school funding initiatives on the November ballot. I have since learned new information that has caused me to change my mind. Remember, if both Props 30 and 38 pass, the one with the most votes will go into effect instead of the other. And while Prop 38 would help address funding needs in future years it will do absolutely nothing to stop the $6 billion mid-year budget cut that will hit our classrooms in January. That means even if 38 passes, Districts all over California (including ours) will lose up to three additional weeks from the school year. This distinction, alone, was enough to change my mind. However, there’s more…

Molly Munger, the civil rights attorney and millionaire who created Prop 38, and her brother have begun an all-out attack against Prop 30 and for Prop 32 (the bill designed to crush our unions) by donating millions of dollars to the No on 30 and Yes on 32 campaigns. Apparently, she is upset that Prop 30 is polling better than Prop 38 and so she has decided to wage war on unions and the union-backed initiative that is thumping hers. Wow. All I can say is that Molly Munger has lost all credibility with me as an education advocate. I will be voting YES on 30 and NO on Prop 38 and I encourage you to do the same.

— by Shane Parmely, Garfield and Twain HS

One thought on “Vote YES on Prop 30, NO on Prop 38

  1. A yes vote for prop 30 ends cuts to the current public education funding. A yes vote for prop 38 brings in much needed additional funding for public education. A yes/yes vote for these propositions tells politicians that we intend to turn our failing public education system around and we are demanding logical, sufficient, and stable funding for public education. A yes/yes vote says that we are demanding real, systematic change in support of high quality K-12 Public Education. A yes/yes vote says that fundraising for everything from teachers to toilet paper in not the answer to fixing our Public Education in California.
    For more information and to join our united California voice for better education please visit

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