Recall Tools — Flyer and Union Meeting Agenda

As the most recent support poll about Prop. 30 shows support now dipping below 50% in favor, the work we’re doing to secure strong and honest leadership for our union is now more crucial than ever.

The feedback we’re receiving from teachers working the recall all over the District has been amazing. We’re halfway through the recall window, and we need to keep going strong. What we’re hearing is the best way to get signatures is through making the announcement at a union meeting, and then following up with one-on-one conversations. If we all get one signature a day for the next 30 days, we’ll be in great shape!

Several of you have asked for some new resources to help with getting signatures, so here they are:

  • Recall Flyer — This flyer emphasizes the coming threats to our healthcare, as well as addresses the misinformation that Bill Freeman and SDEA Board members are spreading when they come out to our schools.
  • Union Meeting Agenda— This agenda has talking points you can use about the recall, as well as Props 30 and 32. Make sure you have all of the materials you need at your meeting!

If you would like to invite a Breakfast Clubber out to your school for your meeting, just email and we’ll coordinate schedules.

Our hard work to make sure our union leadership will be strong, honest and will unite us in the fight to protect our jobs and our contract is paying off. Let’s not stop now!

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